Why Choose A3logics as Your App Developing Agency

4 min readJan 11, 2022

If a company gets you a desired mobile app solution along with the consulting support that you may have not expected for free, wouldn’t that be an ideal enterprise mobility services provider to hire?

The following are the most common mistakes that usually happen even from the enterprises when they go out for hiring a mobile app company or to outsource the same. We will focus on why A3logics would be the best choice as an app developing agency for you, despite having all the things the same as the others.

We would highlight what services make A3logics different from other mobile app development agencies? For example, lms development services bring A3logics out of the race and places at the leading positions. Similarly, there are many like it.

But before all that, check out the things that could be dangerous for your business if you are totally relying upon the mobile app developer (if outsourced)-

  1. They may hire a cheaper agency to reduce costs but earn themselves well.
  2. They might not be able to keep a clearer communication meanwhile development.
  3. They might not be able to set clear timelines for your project.
  4. They might not be able to get you the source code while outsourcing mobile app development, etc.

Let us see now what A3logics would do differently such that you would not regret hiring it for mobile app development-

  1. In-house development
  2. Third-party Integrations
  3. 24*7 Communication
  4. Omni-dimensional Expertise
  5. Real-time IT Consultation
  6. Hybrid Mobile App Development

In-house Enterprise Mobility

A3logics is basically an enterprise software development with more than 500 clients to consult and provide services to, on a regular basis. Having started with just a handful of clients, and having more than 140 clients for mobile app development only, the company has to set a circumference for itself to entertain certain types of clients only.

So, for certain projects, A3logics prefers to outsource while it prioritizes to accept the project and complete it in the house only. It has experts sitting in that are adept in understanding and providing mobile app development services and have been doing this for more than 20 years.

Third-Party Integration Abilities

A3logics understands the importance of diversity and therefore, it produces diversely able mobile applications by making sure they can be integrated with other in-house software that is contributing to the businesses. For example, when a business demands an ERP software, but also has an attendance and management system, A3logics makes sure to provide a dual-mode ERP solution, which is as smooth in a mobile device as it is on a website.

Plus, it can be integrated with the attendance management system as well, so that the administrator can access the resource planning and employee management both at the same time in one go. Thus, to get the best practices for successful enterprise application integration, you must stay in touch with the app development team of A3.

24*7 Communication

A3logics makes sure to keep in touch with the client in any case. They sometimes adopt the client and work on a project and sometimes they do the same. Regular communication sometimes becomes troublesome in the case of being outsourced, but A3logics makes sure that the client as well as the outsourcing firm both stay in touch with regular updates through CRM solutions.

A3logics keeps assigned one of its responsible assets to make sure there would be proper updates available and should the process not lack in communication anyways.

Omni-dimensional Expertise

A3logics is a team of more than 500 employees, which as a team makes sure that none of the projects stays out of its reach. The dimensions we have in enterprise mobility includes-

  • Hybrid mobile app development
  • Android mobile app development
  • iOS mobile app development
  • Native apps
  • Progressive web apps
  • Single-page web applications, etc.

A3logics has been serving its clients across the globe, and these dimensions are the most in-demand things that usually the business is looking for nowadays.

Along with these, A3logics provides utmost safety and security assurance so that mobile applications can be easily accessed and managed with the help of cloud-based services.

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Real-time IT consultation

A3logics is also one of the renowned IT consulting firms. It has a number of experts who are chaired only to provide consultation support to its clients. The experts here are capable of analyzing your business needs, understanding the business objectives irrespective of the business scale, and suggesting the best way to meet the business requirements.

Usually, the client gets confused in choosing the right technology stack as they find a plethora of options to build their business in.

Experts in A3logics are experienced in eCommerce, enterprise, as well as eLearning software development. These are the three most in-demand dimensions that require mobile-based applications in parallel to website development.

Thus, the real-time IT consultation would be the best reason why you should choose A3logics as your app developing agency.

In the Nutshell

Choosing A3logics would not only get you the aforementioned benefits, but it will offer you the following advantages as well. A3logics would-

  • Manage different time zones and keep the updates regularly irrespective of spatial or time differences.
  • Stay abreast of what is happening around the world, and will make sure the solution would be full of the latest development features.
  • Outsource directly (if they do).

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A3logics basically does not charge for general consultation and is always upfront in facilitating its clients no matter how older or newer the client is. This is why A3logics has managed to maintain the retention rate beyond 72 percent even after 18 years.

Do not hesitate, just take a decision and keep moving forward.




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