Which one and Why to Choose between Full-stack vs Mean-stack vs MERN stack?

5 min readNov 15, 2021

Whenever there is a case of web development solutions, developers are required to be engaged. What is required even before hiring them is to choose the appropriate technology stack for the same, so that a respective developer can be brought in.

In this article, there is a brief description and analysis of Full-stack, MEAN-Stack, and MERN developers separately first, and then in a comparative format as well.

Post that, considering that a reader might not have any idea about the type of developers, it is tried to briefly highlight in-depth about the developers also according to their categories. By mentioning the different dimensions in which the developers grow and build their expertise, the five types of developers are explained in an easy manner.

Full Stack

Whenever there is a need for enterprise software development, either a company is hired with all the resources available in it, or, separate resources are hired to meet the requirements, at separate remuneration.

Full-stack development includes the entire triangle of the development process i.e. Front-end, back-end, and the database.

For full-stack development, it is said that “if you have a full-stack developer in your team, you won’t require anything else.” In fact, many get confused between product engineers and Full-stack developers. As full-stack developers are known for their ubiquitous presence, they understand multiple platforms and work out issues in multiple languages concerned with software development so as to meet development requirements.

Advantages of Full-Stack Development

  • Streamlining and upgrading new technology and tools becomes easy with Full-stack development.
  • With Full-stack developers, one can easily switch between the three sides of the overall development as per the requirements.
  • It saves the cost to hire 3 separate resources for each dimension. However, they charge heavily but it results in more economics than the other case.
  • As far as business and commerce are concerned, a company can own the product entirely by not requiring any outsourcing body to work on any dimension of the development. A full-stack developer would manage it and allow complete ownership of the product.

MEAN Stack

Javascript has more than 5 development platforms offered to the market. Each one of them has its unique acquaintance with development. MEAN stack development is something that brings almost all of them together with MongoDB and becomes a new form of full-stack development in simpler terms.

The best part is, it aids the MVC architecture and resists the unnecessary hustle for a more organized development process.

MEAN stack combines the development cycle by extending the usefulness of front-end, as well as back-end development.

An open-source user-friendly javascript framework used as a modern full-stack developing platform to develop robust and quick responsive web applications.

MERN Stack

MERN basically differs with just one dimension that is ‘R’ for React JS, which allows hybrid application development unlike its twin MEAN, which was more of a front-end supporting element due to Angular JS.

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Advantages of MERN involves-

  • Smooth operation due to MVC-supported development cycle.
  • React JS would allow hybrid development.
  • The best advantage is that the entire code would be written in a single language which mitigates the context switching possibilities.

By using frameworks, libraries, databases, and community support, entrepreneurs can develop even better software solutions than MEAN or Full-stack development with MERN.

Let us see the factors involved in tech-stack in a tabular format to grasp the differences between them more quickly-


As mentioned earlier, we would assume that the reader has no idea about the type of developers, here is a little description about developers that would help why there is a need for full-stack developers, and what does it mean to call them full-style developers?

Types of Developers

In software development, there are different dimensions that require dedicated focus and expertise to touch the summit in their respective areas.

  • There exist front-end developers, which take care of the UI and the performance of the front-end (screen-operated) functionality.
  • Then we have back-end developers, who are responsible for the overall functionality of the website/application. They are responsible for the redirection, and responsiveness of the solution.
  • Then we have database developers, who take care of the data and its storage along with the responsiveness so that the visitor would not feel a time lag opening any page of the website. It results in the increment or decrease of bounce rate.
  • Also, there are testing developers who make sure that the website is functioning properly or not? The testing part itself involves multiple dimensions to escalate in including DevOps, etc.

Similarly, there are technologies in the same manner that are confined with their respective dimensions, and from which, a full-stack development comes out.

Some Front-end Technologies include-

  1. JavaScript,
  2. HTML,
  3. Postgresql,
  4. CSS,
  5. jQuery

Some Front-end Frameworks include-

  1. Angular.js,
  2. Polymer.js,
  3. backbonejs,
  4. Ember.js.

Some Back-end Technologies-

  1. PHP,
  2. Nodejs
  3. .NET,
  4. Ruby on Rails

Some Back-end Frameworks-

  1. ASP.NET,
  2. CodeIgniter,
  3. Express.js,
  4. Rail

Database Technologies

  1. Microsoft SQL Server,
  2. Oracle MySQL,
  3. MongoDB
  4. Azure (Microsoft)

What makes you choose one out of the three technology stacks is your requirement at first, and then it is your budget and other conditions that affect the choice of the technology stack.

As far as full-fledged development is concerned, if you have enough time, but less budget, full-stack development would be ideal as hiring MERN or MEAN stack development services would cost higher than the full stack obviously due to some of the latest involvements.




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