Which one and Why to Choose between Full-stack vs Mean-stack vs MERN stack?

  • Streamlining and upgrading new technology and tools becomes easy with Full-stack development.
  • With Full-stack developers, one can easily switch between the three sides of the overall development as per the requirements.
  • It saves the cost to hire 3 separate resources for each dimension. However, they charge heavily but it results in more economics than the other case.
  • As far as business and commerce are concerned, a company can own the product entirely by not requiring any outsourcing body to work on any dimension of the development. A full-stack developer would manage it and allow complete ownership of the product.

Advantages of MERN involves-

  • Smooth operation due to MVC-supported development cycle.
  • React JS would allow hybrid development.
  • The best advantage is that the entire code would be written in a single language which mitigates the context switching possibilities.
  • There exist front-end developers, which take care of the UI and the performance of the front-end (screen-operated) functionality.
  • Then we have back-end developers, who are responsible for the overall functionality of the website/application. They are responsible for the redirection, and responsiveness of the solution.
  • Then we have database developers, who take care of the data and its storage along with the responsiveness so that the visitor would not feel a time lag opening any page of the website. It results in the increment or decrease of bounce rate.
  • Also, there are testing developers who make sure that the website is functioning properly or not? The testing part itself involves multiple dimensions to escalate in including DevOps, etc.
  1. JavaScript,
  2. HTML,
  3. Postgresql,
  4. CSS,
  5. jQuery
  1. Angular.js,
  2. Polymer.js,
  3. backbonejs,
  4. Ember.js.
  1. PHP,
  2. Nodejs
  3. .NET,
  4. Ruby on Rails
  1. ASP.NET,
  2. CodeIgniter,
  3. Express.js,
  4. Rail
  1. Microsoft SQL Server,
  2. Oracle MySQL,
  3. MongoDB
  4. Azure (Microsoft)



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