What are the New Features that Shopify Plus Offers?

5 min readOct 1, 2021


Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Shopify advanced, if you too are eager to know the difference between them, this is the right place you are at. This article would be about Shopify in-depth but would emphasize more on the Shopify Plus features than anything else.

Yes, the basics would be demonstrated well before beginning with the features part so that the beginners as well could comprehend things in a better way. First, let us define Shopify and let you know about its popularity in the shortest possible time.


It is an Ecommerce software solutions development platform, better known for its self-hosted services and user-friendly interface. With covering around 20 percent and more of the US’s E-commerce market, Shopify is one of the best choices for the public, as well as for entrepreneurs.

Its pricing plans are so affordable that even a beginner could buy its plan starting with $29 and could execute his business idea through it.

However, Shopify then has 2 more versions of itself named Shopify advanced, and Shopify Plus for small-scale and large-scale enterprise software development respectively. We’ll not delay and first dive into the main subject of this article i.e. Shopify Plus and explore the unique features that make it a choice for big players around the Ecommerce industry especially.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a self-sufficient platform that can host your business, customize your solution, handle your online traffic management through staffing, and just whatnot?

It is specially designed for those with above normal traffic figures in their website or application per day and has multiple channels to welcome the audience to their businesses.

There are businesses that provide more than just one category of products, and usually develop more than one ecommerce website and application separately for each of their products. For example, Volkswagen is the best example to such business brands which own other brands as well and could require to channel all of its business to just one store at the end.

It is just an example to showcase why there was a need to bring Shopify Plus into the market? Because post-offering through multiple channels, it becomes essential, to sum up, all the revenue-expenditure in one place, as far as the ownership to all the products is singular.

Shopify plus renders you access to the feature that could help you customize your checkout step for every new purchase, allowing you to adjust and enhance your branding.

  • Shopify Apps

Shopify Plus offers you advanced applications supported by Shopify to its potential players in this industry to surpass others. These applications enable you to get better growth as an eCommerce merchant with their user-interactive features and smarter analytical abilities.

  • Access to Shopify Plus Academy

When it comes to any route that is unexplored yet in the journey of an eCommerce business, Shopify Plus Academy would be your friend and a guide to take you forward. It allows self-guided training on the areas related to the growth of an Ecommerce business irrespective of any product.

  • A WholeSale Store

When you subscribe to Shopify Plus, it will allow you to sell your products in a wholesale manner with a Wholesale store already embedded in your plan. It will be separately protected from your brand’s main eCommerce solution and would be possessing a unique password to access in and sign out.

  • Sufficient Technical Support

It allows you to add as many themes as you desire to, from the Shopify store to keep it as personalized for your eCommerce store especially. Experts suggest that you may add 100 themes at once for trying and testing your website with it.

Additional API calls let you integrate other solutions easily without requiring any external integration cum technical support. Yes, you may require an expert to manage the integration of course. But not any other resources that were otherwise required.

You should better understand why Shopify is better than any other eCommerce solution developing platforms and why it is compared with the best eCommerce platform i.e. Magento despite being a CMS?

Other Benefits From The Exclusive Features of Shopify Plus

  • Shopify Plus gives access to many more things that can be game-changing at the time of launch. The point of sale support for every city, state, and country would be there without any additional cost.
  • Shopify has collaborations with social media giants like Facebook. Shopify Plus would get you access to the Shopify Plus Community of Facebook to share the lessons and experiences that you have gathered from your business and can grab advantage from the same.
  • The Shopify Plus subscription is believed to offer more than 5 expansion stores for multiple channels to internationalize your business with different products but with a single solution i.e. Shopify Plus Store.
  • Shopify Plus partner program, Merchant success program, beta program, additional permission settings to extract out e report for every individual side of the business separately.

If you are thinking now that what ‘Shopify Advanced’ would offer to its customers, then here is a short description of its offerings-

Shopify Advanced

First of all, Shopify advanced is not ideally designed for large-scale enterprises. It is supposed to be subscribed by mid or small-scale eCommerce businesses. It offers the most economic rates to its subscribers and offers 70+ Shopify themes to provide a professional experience.

Make sure that you hire Shopify developers with adequate skill sets that they could handle large-scale enterprise software development. They should be ideally able to cope with -

  • Shopify app development
  • Shopify integration
  • Shopify theme development
  • Migration to Shopify
  • Shopify Support and Maintenance

The best part that will let you go for Shopify is, it takes only 2.2 percent from every sale you will make, unlike other competing eCommerce platforms that are way more expensive and consuming than Shopify.

Conclusively, if you are about to have a large-scale development, the best software development companies in USA could help to develop a Shopify Plus store that would have no match, as far as only Shopify as an option is concerned.




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