What are eCommerce Business Intelligence Services? Why Do We Need Them?

  • Sales
  • Online Public Interaction (Ecommerce: Chatbots)
  • Logistics
  • Inventory management

What does business intelligence do?

  1. A request from Sales automation with the last date to take action was mentioned with it.
  2. In parallel, we get 2 chatbot queries to answer that require a real-time response or it would be a loss of 2 potential users who have shown interest in our business.
  3. In addition, there was an alert notification from the inventory management software generated last week, which is not yet responded to as it has to be.
  • Chatbot queries- Red-colored, as they need to be responded to immediately.
  • Sales automated request- Orange colored, as it has a date to expire on.
  • The notification of Inventory management could be green colored.

What does business intelligence do in an eCommerce business?

What are different Business Intelligence Services/functions?

  1. Reporting & Managing
  2. OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)
  3. Data Mining
  4. Benchmarking
  5. Margin analysis
  • Reporting & Managing
  • OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)
  1. Customer interaction rate
  2. Website’s bounce rate (of each page)
  3. Customer retention rate
  4. Public review & testimonials, and much more.
  • Data mining
  • Benchmarking
  • Margin analysis

Stats on Business Intelligence in E-commerce

Why do we need Business Intelligence in Ecommerce?



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