Vital Differences Between Classic EDI & Web EDI

Classic EDI vs. WEB EDI

  1. Classic EDI is better because enjoyment of complete automation is possible only in this case. WED EDI does not allow all the functionalities that we may get otherwise.
  2. The basic meaning of Classic EDI says for exchanging the documents with proper EDI resources i.e. EDI Standards, appropriate syntax and semantics defined by the ANSI.
  3. However, a web based EDI is just conduction of EDI services through internet browser rather using EDI standard pathways.
  4. WED EDI is susceptible to human error whereas, Classic EDI is aimed to reduce possible human errors.
  5. WEB EDI is time consuming as it is arranged somehow to fulfil the purpose of EDI through non-traditional means. Whereas, Classic EDI is a bit costlier at the beginning but saves time as well as money both throughout the operations ahead of time.
  6. Yes, WEB EDI renders adequate safety through EDI channel, but hinders the business growth in overall. However, Classic EDI improves data visibility and allows deeper ERP integration.



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