Top Trends Transforming the Food Delivery Business

5 min readOct 7, 2020

The food and beverage industry is going through a paradigm shift, and the two topmost reasons for this shift are the advent of the internet and the increase in the usage of smartphones. By and by, given the quick movement of life, an enormous aspect of the populace can’t plan dinners or doesn’t discover time to feast in at a café. This is the reason cafés are slanted to give an option to get the food delivered to their doorsteps of their users.

Also, during this pandemic where everyone fears going out, food delivery has become an important aspect of this business and makes up a huge aspect of the business.

Creative methodologies are important to stay competitive in the business. To withstand the opposition and stay aware of the ever-changing client requests, entrepreneurs picked to put resources into getting customized software developed that can help them ease up their business operations. And to get such software developed, they are always in need of a proficient enterprise software development company that can create a solution just the way they want.

A Food Delivery Business Requires

The online food delivery business came a long way. Though this trend was not started much earlier but still, with the advent of technology, a lot many changes can be seen in this business.

And since the major age group that prefers ordering food online is Millenials and they are very much inclined towards technology or something that could make their work easier. They are always in search of something new and exciting and if your business does not have it, they will probably switch to some other.

Here are a few trends which businesses in this industry must follow, in order to be in the competition.


Gone are those days when you used to talk to an actual human to get your problem and queries solved. Now develop and integrate an intelligent chatbot into your business to save human effort and increase overall business efficiency. These bots are equipped for taking requests, educating clients about vouchers, and offering the most recent arrangements to the clients.


The smartwatch market is blasting and a few makers have made key tie-ups with some significant food delivery companies. Domino’s, a famous pizza brand, dispatched its first-ever smartwatch application for Android watches. The application was a triumph as it rearranged the requesting cycle radically. From that point forward, numerous brands have followed the same trend of having smartwatch applications that permit clients to put requests and track the delivery on their wearable gadgets.

Robots delivering the food

With the appearance of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence which can improve your marketing, we presently approach self-driving vehicles and are on the way to creating robots that will have the option to arrive at their maximum capacity later on. In the UK, big giants like JustEat and Starship Technologies have already created moving droids to deliver the food to the doorsteps of their users.

Intelligent Menu

Artificial intelligence has played a major role in transforming this industry. This technology can be used to screen requests of all clients as indicated by different viewpoints, for instance, the hour of the day, non-weekend day/ends of the week, or a particular occasion.

With this information, the application prescribes a smart menu for its users. For instance, for various occasions of day, the application will show a differentiating scope of food things for breakfast, lunch, and supper times. So, in simpler terms, integrating AI solutions into different food & restaurant software, one can create a smart menu that can suggest the food to a user based on its preference and previous orders.

Entrepreneurs who are into this industry are looking for some smart food delivery app development to integrate to offer an impeccable experience to their users.

Ghost Kitchen

Kitchens that exist virtually but accept orders and exchange money for the services are Ghost Kitchens. They are basically developed by the food business owners themselves when their business is in the initial stage of growth and not so prevalent across the vicinity.

To make it popular, acquainted for its specialty, a business owner usually creates a ghost kitchen and lets it grow on the internet first, and then a physical point of sale.

Till the time, it is virtually visible to the audience, integrating POS into the kitchen software would keep things run smoothly.

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Order From All Channels

Social media integration is a common feature now. You must be missing to integrate social media channels meanwhile Food delivery application development.

Your potential customers should feel free to reach your virtual kitchen via every social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Make sure to keep the business’s existence in all the social media dimensions to make it available for all and popular simultaneously.

Contactless Delivery

Post pandemic, this trend of contactless delivery, contactless payment, and temperature tracking is the most praised feature to exist in any on demand mobile app development.

It is a fact, that people first filter the food points in the food applications by selecting contactless deliveries available. Thus, it becomes the most essential feature to be embedded in a food delivery business.

Eye Tracking Technology

Well, this technology would reach its summit possibly a few years later, but the trend has been started and it has got some real big player who has introduced this feature to the world. And that is Pizza Hut.

In this, the virtual menu would have the dishes’ images rather than their names, just say different Pizzas are shown on the screen to the customer, and the eye-tracking technology tracks the eye movements and brings out the best of that category.

However, this technology and idea both are too dependent on other functionalities. Like, eye tracking is possible only if the application has granted the front camera permission. And merely half of the customers are going to change the permission setting for this.

Secondly, it would require precision and accuracy both, with the forever uncertainty to possibly not bringing the best out of all dishes as everyone’s choices and preferences differ accordingly.

The food market would globally cross the figure of $150 billion by 2023. And the skeptical mindset that the pandemic situation has developed in people is going to sustain for longer than the pandemic itself for sure.

It is time, therefore, to keep things flow in a way that people could dive in fearlessly and not complain of their unfulfilled requirements.

Food applications like Doordash, Uber Eats are trying their best to meet the situational demands. If you lack behind and are not updated with the above trends, you might lose on the business as well as your potential customers.

So, do not think twice and get started with your own solution that can keep you stay ahead of your competitors.




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