Top Brands Setting Chatbot Examples: Innovation at Its Best

4 min readApr 17, 2020


If you still haven’t heard of Chatbot or have no idea how it is influencing businesses, then you have successfully managed to ignore the hottest topic of 2018–2020. To give a sneak peek into this technology, here is a brief idea. Chatbots are smart computer programs that are capable to communicate with users without any human intervention. Businesses are using chatbot technology to offer automated customer service and revert quickly to their customers. Apart from this, chatbots are proving to be a powerful marketing tool for brands with its evolving and innovative techniques to interact with users.

Accept it or not, but chatbots are the future of customer support and marketing and soon, more and more companies will seek chatbot solutions for their brands. If you are fretting about how to adjust this technology into your strategy, then these examples will surely help you in your quest. Have a look:

Whole Foods

Let’s start with an example that has added flavors to our lives and made cooking such a simple task for even the beginners. We are talking about Whole Foods that provide you with products, recipes, cooking, inspiration and more through Facebook Messenger Bot. Whether you are planning to try your hands in cooking for the first time or visiting the grocery store for shopping, you can search for the latest recipes with the assistance of Whole Foods Bot. You can find international cuisines with messages, filters, and options for different types of dishes and whatnot at Whole Foods, a platform that makes it easier for users to narrow the recipe options according to their preferences. After selecting filters, the chatbot gives a link to the particular recipe and directs the users to the official website of the company. As this supermarket chain doesn’t rely on direct visitors and drives traffic from the portal where people invest almost 50 minutes every day, the strategy has worked wonders for their brand. Moreover, you can also search for a specific recipe by using an emoji. The company plans to introduce more advanced features in the coming years and their chatbot is surely to play an integral role in this journey.


Spotify has become a new go-to mobile application to listen to millions of old and latest songs on your smartphone. It has revolutionized digital music platforms in many ways and is now taking a step ahead with its Facebook Messenger bot that assists users to create a playlist from Facebook directly. You can search, listen to, share and get recommendations according to your requirements and mood from any genre that you like. For this, the smart bot asks a few questions to the users and based on their answers, interests, and activities, come up with the ideal list of songs. The company is using Facebook chat extension for search tools, music suggestions and sharing functionality through which users can send 30-second audio to their friends on Messenger. Unlike earlier when you can send Spotify links via Messenger chat, including song title or album, now, you can share playlists, songs and albums with friends online in the chat. Looking at the growing popularity and benefits of Spotify chatbot technology, many music companies are consulting IT professionals to include such features in their business applications to reach the maximum audience and get their attention.


Yes, many big brands are using chatbot technology to serve customers and make things convenient for them. However, Disney has set a new bar by using this smart tool to engage the young audience and add an element of extra fun. The company has used it as an effective marketing initiative and it seems to be working in their favor. To boost the excitement of kids during the release of Zootopia, Disney featured Officer Judy Hopps, a tenacious and long-eared protagonist from the same family crime caper. It was more of a game and the brand invited young fans to solve crimes along with Lieutenant Hopps. Needless to say that it was a fun and interesting experience for the audience and they spent almost 10 minutes on the portal to chat with the animated character and help her investigate mysteries. The chatbot would respond to users’ suggestions and explored the cases based on their input.


Now that you are familiar with various ways to utilize chatbots, we hope that you will come up with the perfect idea to incorporate it into your business. With more people getting acquainted with this technology, the more brands are tapping into its potential and you surely don’t want to lag. So, deploy your own chatbot soon and witness your sales soaring high with improved customer services and higher revenue.




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