Top 6 Must-Have Features for Fantasy Sports Platforms in 2022

6 min readFeb 23, 2022


We all enjoy the game of cricket or football with popcorn and friends. But, in the last few years, things have gotten even better. Now even, you can play the game within the game. All thanks to Fantasy gaming applications.

The innovation of fantasy sports applications has given sports fans something more. Now they are not only part of the game but also are living the game. They can have a team of their own and compete while watching the game. There are more than millions of players worldwide not only enjoying this game but also earning good rewards.

This has even caught the attention of businesses around the world. This field is fresh and yet to be explored. So, there are several business owners thinking about connecting with a fantasy sports app development company so that they can have experts to assist in this investment process. We are here to help you with a few of the suggestions that can give your fantasy sports application an edge over the others.

But, first, let’s get to understand what it is in detail and what the future has in store for this exceptional development in the making.

The Rise of Fantasy Sports

Millions and millions are literally not spending a day without playing in a fantasy gaming application. There are many who are earning big overnight through this application. This application is all about creating your own fantasy team of the live game and then competing with the other users. Here the points are allotted to the players as per their performance. The users with the maximum points at the end of the game win the rewards. The rules and regulations can be different, but the concept remains the same. It is easy to understand, play, and win.

With so much at scope, businesses around the world are rubbing their hands to make the most out of it. There are several fantasy sports app development company USA service providers who can assist as well. They understand the game well and can help you have an application developed with the right attributes. With so many exciting leagues on the way, it is just the perfect time to invest in this domain. But let’s first understand what the future holds.

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Fantasy Future Facts

The market of this application is forecasted to cross USD 38 billion in the next four years.

This shows how the fantasy gaming market is expanding its presence all around the world. Most of the well-established firms are now integrating concepts to get the users engaged in their applications. Facebook, ESPN, and many more big names have jumped in this pool. So, there is a lot to explore in this domain that has made businesses hire fantasy sports app development services.

But, to reap the maximum benefit out of your fantasy gaming application investment, it is important that you have the right attributes that can connect with the target audience. So, let’s understand the must-have attributes that can make your fantasy sports app stand out in 2022.

Fantasy Sports App Features You Can’t-Miss

Below specified are six must-have attributes that you must include with the assistance of a fantasy sports app developer in service. Check it out:

1. Connect

One of the features that can make a difference to your application is its ability to help you socialize. Using the fantasy mobile application, you play against different users. If the application allows you to interact and understand their history, performance, and views, then it certainly keeps the users engaged. It helps them enhance their game and play with confidence. So, it is important that you invest in fantasy football app development services with a feature that allows the users to socialize and build community. This can give your application the push it needs to compete in this market.

2. Rewards For Referral

Networking can certainly assist your application in getting more downloads. You can always add a referral bonus or prize for the users who are getting in more and more downloads. This is one of the integral parts of marketing. Most of the fantasy sports applications are already using the respective features to capture an even bigger market. Nobody hates free points that can be used for different purposes. So, get this attribute added to your application as it can certainly boost the traffic and help you take a step ahead in the industry.

3. Easy To Use

Another major attribute that your application just cannot afford to miss is having an easy-to-use interface. As the target is not restricted, you must make sure that your application is easy to understand for all. Whether it is being used by beginners or experts, your application must have nothing complicated or fancy. From registration, taking part in contests, to transferring money, all the aspects need to be safe, sound, and hassle-free for the users. This can help them connect and use their application without thinking twice.

4. Daily Badges

Another important attribute that can make the users come back to your application regularly is rewarding them regularly. The concept is followed by Dream 11, a fantasy cricket app development company, where that reward users with daily badges when they take part in contests. This makes them come back to the application the very next day and play the game. So, it keeps the traffic graph moving in the upper direction. These badges can also help you get new users, followers and eventually increase the number of downloads in no time at all.

5. Real-Time Scorecard

Another important attribute that you just cannot ignore to add to your fantasy gaming application is real-time scores. The users are certainly going to love the regular score updates while playing the game. Real-time scores can help users enhance their performance. With regular updates of the points, the users can get an idea about how the game progresses. It is going to help them get more skilled and enhance their performance in the meantime.

6. Multiplayer Lobby

One of the biggest attributes that you just cannot miss adding to your fantasy sports application is a multiplayer lobby. It helps add more fun to your application by allowing more than two players to play together. So, it invites the groups to take part in the game together and have a great time together. This can certainly bring maximum downloads and give your application the edge it needs to compete and get ahead. Creating multiple lobbies can create a competitive space and attract a wide range of users from all corners of the world.

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Fantasy gaming applications are growing at a very good pace but to compete and get ahead in the race, you need to have the right combination of the features infused. The above-mentioned attributes are a must-have in your application to not only give the users all they need to have fun and let others also know about it. These attributes can help your application not only compete but also get ahead in the market. Invest now!




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