Top 6 Applications To Be Developed In 2021 On Php Framework

3 min readJan 5, 2021


With the betterment in technologies and services like web and mobile application development, qa and testing services, it becomes crucial to provide with the best possible enterprise solutions that possess almost everything in general demand in 2021.

Technologies known for intelligence like AI and ML are the best examples for the demands of today. Similarly, the other smarter solutions include enterprise software development and product engineering services that are most prevalent nowadays.

Php, on the other end, being one of the most used programming languages either as core or in the form of frameworks also faces the pressure to keep itself in-demand as before with regular advancements.

In the same context, in 2021, we can find 15 frameworks and counting based-on Php only. Some of them are too popular while some of them are losing their identity due to their limited serving ability.

We here, will be going to hover our eyes onto the possible areas or the types of applications that could be developed in 2021 over the frameworks of Php, and are in-demand today. And they are as follows:

1. Progressive Web Applications

PWAs are applications served from the web but are supposed to be used in mobile as well as the system of course.

In simpler words for our beginners, a web solution or such a web application that looks like a mobile application when opened in the browser. They are literally the new developable solutions with Php frameworks in 2021 as mobile applications have become the older players now.

2. Single Page Applications

One of the most asked demands of today in the IT market or industry with having almost everything in just one page, Single Page Applications are going to be the future of web and mobile-based solutions.

The speed and ease of understanding through its simplicity by being a one page solution at all is the key for its win.

3. Applications based on Intelligence

Applications having artificial intelligence based features embedded within are of course in trend and also have diverse scope of usage too. Almost every sector today is incorporating machine intelligence for faster outputs and lesser labor requirements for intelligent works.

Some unexpected sectors include Finance, Agriculture, Weather Forecasting, and Administration as well.

Usually, the services that ask for a heavy database and then its analysis too for decision making, are usually the forte of intelligent applications and technologies like AI and ML.

4. Cloud-integration based Applications

Cloud is the future, and Cloud-integration will soon be the basic necessity for every enterprise industry player. Thus, the cloud computing consulting services would be the industry runners as not just the service providers but also every individual mobile user today is using cloud services.

5. IoT based applications

Internet of Things usually comes to mind meanwhile switching the electronic appliances on and off manually. This technology is capable of reducing even that much of manual effort by evaluating the time schedule of an individual and can run itself just through the internet.

6. Headless applications

What are Headless applications by the way?

Headless applications are those solutions that operate without front-end support. In fact, they don’t possess any front end and having support over there is the next subject to deal with, that too if the front end would have existed.

This method of development is also known by the strategy without a server or serverless. An architecture that allows you with even more customizing abilities to transform the application and overcome the less performing abilities of the solution.


Php is a language that demands agile developers and thus you must know in prior everything about hiring php development services for your organization. Its frameworks have enormous scope as well as the stronger user base along with a huge community as well. That makes it a platform most susceptible to develop an enterprise solution for the developers.




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