Top 5 Magento Extensions To Drive More Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

  • Welcome more functionality
  • Add mobile access and tech support
  • Add customized services
  • Integrate new things to the admin panel or storefront.
  1. Abandoned Cart Extension
  2. Navigation based extension
  3. One Step Checkout extension
  4. Gift-based extension
  5. Delivery-based extension
  6. Search speed-enhancing extension
  7. Extension for leveraging the SEO support
  8. Extension for Product labels

One-Step Checkout Extension

  • Customers can be allowed to edit their product as a ‘review order’ in the last checkout step, using a small or a separate panel for the review purpose especially (not developing another page for it).
  • A manual option to choose delivery and order comments can be integrated into it.
  • It would be ideal if the addition of this extension would let the ecommerce solution accept all the payment modes.

Gift-based Extension

  • It could have a detailed report on how effective this promotional step is working
  • It should allow the customer to choose to bag out that complementary product that you are offering as a gift.

Search Speed Enhancing Magento Extension

  • Pagination and advanced redirection abilities
  • Advanced Sitemaps and automated meta-tags update
  • New URL formation ability despite duplicate content

Abandoned Cart Magento Extension

  • Scheduled Email Process
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Intelligent Email delivering abilities i.e. to not send emails to those who have cleared the cart by themselves.
  • Design and develop your own email templates and rules.

Delivery-based Extension

  • Option to choose the time interval as in Home Time i.e. Morning 8 AM to evening 8 PM or it could be professional time i.e. Weekdays only, etc.
  • Choosing the nearest date for delivery, and a specific time interval as chargeable.
  • To showcase the scheduler on the screen without providing them a button or CTA to open the same. Customers usually missing this, would let your efforts go to waste.



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