Top 5 Magento Extensions To Drive More Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

5 min readSep 22, 2021

Anything that can add dynamism to your website could be an extension.

Magento, being one of the best ecommerce software solutions developing platforms has more than 750 of them to offer. However, this figure of 750 is just for Magento 2, whereas, Magento 1 has more than 1000 extensions to deliver, either at some cost or free as well.

Magento extensions are basically integrated within the software solutions to-

  • Welcome more functionality
  • Add mobile access and tech support
  • Add customized services
  • Integrate new things to the admin panel or storefront.

Rather than naming the extensions specifically, we’ll bring out the top 5 Magento extensions that could be beneficial to your business out of the following-

  1. Abandoned Cart Extension
  2. Navigation based extension
  3. One Step Checkout extension
  4. Gift-based extension
  5. Delivery-based extension
  6. Search speed-enhancing extension
  7. Extension for leveraging the SEO support
  8. Extension for Product labels

Picking out the best extensions that could make your ecommerce website solution user-friendly, as well as functionally better than before.

One-Step Checkout Extension

A One-step checkout extension would never let your customer feel puzzled between the usual lengthy checkout process that includes clumsy steps including basic information, postal address information, and then the payment part. It should be ideally singular and quick so that the customer does not lose interest due to the process.

This extension could have the following features if you wish to get it custom-developed from a Magento development company-

  • Customers can be allowed to edit their product as a ‘review order’ in the last checkout step, using a small or a separate panel for the review purpose especially (not developing another page for it).
  • A manual option to choose delivery and order comments can be integrated into it.
  • It would be ideal if the addition of this extension would let the ecommerce solution accept all the payment modes.

Gift-based Extension

You wish to make your ecommerce solution a choice of others, then you have to offer something out of the ordinary. Nothing comes for free and this would take a bit from your pocket too.

The gift-based Magento extension would let your customer have something relatable to their choice of product, for free, and automatically added with their products. We often see this at our Amazon store meanwhile checking out for the final payment step, the Amazon app suggests us to whether buy this or that with your chosen product.

This is a way to keep the interaction continue intelligently and the business going on as well.

A Gift-based Magento extension could have -

  • It could have a detailed report on how effective this promotional step is working
  • It should allow the customer to choose to bag out that complementary product that you are offering as a gift.

Note that, all these extensions are not by name, but they are by their functionalities, which we may add if we get them developed from an experienced Magento development services provider.

Just grasp the idea, and let it demonstrate to any of the top 10 Magento development companies you might wish to hire for Magento extension development.

Search Speed Enhancing Magento Extension

Magento 2 offers an SEO friendly environment that can help you increase your search results in the SERP by optimizing your web pages’ performance through CSS, and JS. Smart JS bundling and Server push support could display pages faster than before.

Those extensions could have-

  • Pagination and advanced redirection abilities
  • Advanced Sitemaps and automated meta-tags update
  • New URL formation ability despite duplicate content

As far as SEO is concerned and to be related with Magento specifically, there are dedicated extensions for that purpose as well.

Abandoned Cart Magento Extension

Usually, visitors search and add their choice of products to the cart, but then leaves all of a sudden. This is the case we are concerned about here.

This extension would follow up with your probable but potential customer, let them engage with your ecommerce store back by showcasing some other products of their interest as per their previous search queries, using some intelligence-based programming here.

Having this extension developed, you might ask your enterprise software development company to add the following features through this particular Magento extension-

  • Scheduled Email Process
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Intelligent Email delivering abilities i.e. to not send emails to those who have cleared the cart by themselves.
  • Design and develop your own email templates and rules.

This extension could help in leveraging overall engagement with the ecommerce solution, as well as can support meeting the revenue targets too.

Delivery-based Extension

More than 60 percent of the customers choose to continue with the order based on their delivery date.

Here, showcasing the delivery date is the first step that could at least induce some chances that the customer might continue with the product. Not showcasing the delivery date raises high chances that you might lose your customer due to uncertainty of the delivery date in the mind of your customers.

Delivery date extension is like a custom Magento 2 shipping extension that offers your customer to choose the delivery date, allowing them to rule over their purchase order completely. However, the available dates would be of your convenience, not theirs. But the feature of letting the customer choose the date is a premium experience giving one without a doubt.

Your delivery date extension could have-

  • Option to choose the time interval as in Home Time i.e. Morning 8 AM to evening 8 PM or it could be professional time i.e. Weekdays only, etc.
  • Choosing the nearest date for delivery, and a specific time interval as chargeable.
  • To showcase the scheduler on the screen without providing them a button or CTA to open the same. Customers usually missing this, would let your efforts go to waste.

So, here are the best possible Magento extensions that could make your Magento store successful. You just need to hire professional Magento extension development services that could integrate the new extensions efficiently without hampering your running ecommerce business.




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