Top 5 features that customized eLearning application must have

3 min readDec 14, 2020


When we say that everything in this world has a time set for it. This year especially and the upcoming years too will be the time for eLearning apps hopefully.

E-learning applications acting as a savior to the entire student class today and even to the employees in their training sessions. Not just students but the employees too had to live within an adequate distant protocol meanwhile this pandemic. Thus, being unable to attend or organize the one-to-one essential physical training & learning sessions related to their concerned jobs and field of work.

Therefore, the significance of eLearning apps has reached another level very abruptly and has bridged the gap as much as it can between the learner and the teacher.

Let us check out the best or top-5 features a customized e-learning application must have without a delay-

Should be a generation-friendly application

It should behave like an E-learning platform for everyone irrespective of one’s requirement. An eLearning app solution must seek for a learner, but not just for a student.

The eLearning solutions must help a student with his/her subject, but it should also assist an employee with one’s requirement be it then about training or learning may be. The learning process is not just a matter of schooling only but has an essential role to play at work or job too.

As far as the development of an eLearning application is concerned, embedding subject-wise courses and respective categories or tabs isn’t a big mouse to hunt anyway. But to embed the below-mentioned features would make a custom-developed eLearning app worth using and the elearning software development company worthy of a deal.

  1. Skill assessment module,
  2. In-person or personal training options,
  3. Peer-to-peer practice session channel option,
  4. Quiz portals, etc.

These are some of those features that an e-learning app must possess or embed within itself so as to be called a full-fledged e-learning application. And not just an application for students only to learn school-based education.

Online email support for knowledge sharing

Once you initiate with an eLearning application, then comes multiple such instances when an email service is required. Thus, online email support is a must-have feature for an eLearning application. If you don’t get this feature, you have got one of the reasons to upgrade your existing elearning system.


A Platform to run on has always been a quintessential matter for any customized application development. As far as an eLearning application is concerned, scalability should be the first one of the all necessary factors to be checked before launching it.

Although, every application comes as a completely scalable one now. Yet, this is a factor that we cannot miss to remember as many applications have gone failed or can say, have lost their major customer base just because of this scalability issue despite being a perfect application for just one platform but not the other.

Offline support

An eLearning application must have offline support up to such an extent that it doesn’t stop functioning with the disconnection of the internet immediately. A customer or an employee or student must at least continue with the other features and must have an option to download the already available data on its database.

Goal tracking feature

Whatever goal a user may have set post installing an application, be it education or training, a custom-developed eLearning app must have a goal tracking feature that could help track the performance.

These are some of the basic but the most required eLearning features that can be termed as top-5 due to their significance over their use and dependence.

An eLearning application can also be developed with AI-enabled chatbots that may assist you to find a relevant course and make you reach the concerned faculty more effectively without hovering all around the application for minutes. Make sure to get your eLearning app solution developed from a successful elearning software development company like A3logics which has already served multifold of such applications and has adequate qa and testing services as well as better eLearning consultation services too.




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