Top 5 dimensions where product testing can be performed

3 min readFeb 11, 2021


Product testing has become a quintessential part of the software development industry because every usual corporate as well as industrial activity is now seeking and even getting an online solution available in the market.

Product testing can optimize retail and commerce business as well as is a part of software development in different dimensions that are written below-

  1. Unit tests in product development
  2. Test cases in product development
  3. Environment testing in product development
  4. Regression testing in product development
  5. Automated testing in product development

These are the five different dimensions in which product testing can be performed.

The IT industry has qa and testing services as the second most in numbers. Having enterprise software development companies as the first one. However, almost every software development company has its dedicated team for product testing, yet there exist many product testing companies that serve for testing enterprise solutions only.

Talking about the five different dimensions for product testing, with brief details in it. Starting with the unit tests, we’ll try to highlight what they include and what they exactly mean-

1. Unit-based product testing

A unit here means for a module or a particular function that is required to be tested. When a basic test is performed to check whether the applied functionality is executing correctly or not, unit testing in product development is performed.

It is performed meanwhile the production phase and is implemented to validate if each and every functionality is performing as expected or not.

2. Test cases

The term ‘test case’ includes a term i.e. ‘case’ which simply shows that a particular case, which is either expected or probable to occur, is tested in advance.

A user can usually interact in any ways. Thus, its possibility is to be checked whether the system software or solution is capable of handling or coping with it without getting faulty.

There exist some common test cases in product engineering services that include-

  • Functionality Test Case
  • User Interface Test Case
  • Unit Test Case
  • Integration Test Case
  • Performance Test Case
  • Security Test Case
  • Database Test Case
  • Usability Test Case

3. Regression testing

Whenever there is any modification done or required in the code, regression testing is performed to check whether the code is performing perfectly or not after the modification.

Usually, such situations arise when there comes a bug, which later requires to be fixed as soon as possible and thus, the code undergoes some modification followed by regression testing.

Here, it is necessary to understand that regression testing is performed only to check the unchanged part of the code, and not the modified or added one.

4. Automated testing

Automation tools are required to perform the overall testing process but in the case of quick testing requirements or when the code is too long to be tested manually or traditionally.

Regression testing is one of the cases when automated testing is required as it takes a lot of time to test the remaining code because the modified code is usually a smaller part of the code.

Thus, when the repetitive tasks are automated, just to get it done quickly, we prefer automated testing.

5. Environment testing

When there exist some external factors like temperature and humidity, or pressure that might affect the performance of hardware or overall system unit, environment testing is performed. In this, a setup of hardware as well as software is utilized to carry out such testing process and get the final output come for ultimate delivery of the product.

So, these are the five testing dimensions in which product testing can be performed and all you need to do is now choose an enterprise software development company like A3logics that serves 24*7 IT consulting services as well as qa and testing services too.




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