Software Performance Testing: A Brief Introduction and its Types

3 min readOct 28, 2020

What makes your app or a website successful? Do you want to answer design and development? Yes, you are correct but completely. The design and development of your website or an app help it in making it beautiful and grab more attention from users, but what it actually makes it successful is the speed, scalability, and performance and for this, all you need is a good and proficient product engineering consulting company.

In this article, we are going to talk about how developers check on these aspects of your software.

What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is a process of testing your apps and websites for the speed, reaction time, dependability, unwavering quality, versatility, and asset use of a product application under the specific condition. The fundamental motivation behind performance testing is to distinguish and find out where the software is lagging in terms of performance.

Responsiveness is important to check how an app performs under a certain condition, and scalability is an important factor to consider if you are planning to grow and expand your business shortly. Playing out this kind of testing is a key factor while determining the nature of a given application.

Performance testing is done to fill three fundamental needs. To begin with, testing is done to decide if the application meets the predefined performance standards. For instance, a performance model may indicate that an application must have the option to deal with 500 simultaneous clients. Besides, it contrasts at least two applications and the goal of figuring out which one can perform better. For example, state your application needs a device to trade reports. You can contrast devices to see which instrument’s performance can best deal with the fare necessities. In conclusion, performance testing is done to quantify the parts or design of a given application that are answerable for the lackluster showing of the application. A typical case of this would be deficient memory prompting performance bottlenecks.

Objectives of Performance Testing

  • To see how an app or a website performs under varied load, that is stability to perform under various conditions.
  • Another reason to perform this testing by quality assurance and software testers is to check the responsiveness of an app or a website. In how much time does it respond to certain actions, that is its speed.
  • Next is to check how many users your app or a website can accommodate at a time, and is it a perfect solution even when you plan to expand your business. This is to check its scalability.

Types of Performance Testing

Load Testing

Load Testing is done to check the application’s capacity to perform under foreseen client loads. The goal is to recognize its speed and performance before you launch your app to your users.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing includes testing an application o a website under outrageous outstanding burdens to perceive how it handles high traffic or information preparation. The goal is to recognize the limitations of an application or a website.

Endurance Testing

Endurance Testing is performed to see whether or not an app or a website can deal with the normal burden throughout an extensive period.

Spike Testing

Spike Testing is done to see whether or not an app or a website has that capacity to handle and respond to too many users’ requests at a time.

Scalability Testing

The main aim of scalability testing is to determine your application’s adequacy in “scaling up” to help an expansion in client load.

Performance Testing is an important aspect of your app development process as it helps you to check for all the errors before making it live to your users. if your app is not well tested and has some performance errors, there are high chances that users may reject it and your whole efforts may go into vain. IF you do not have skills or in-house software testers, always seek help from professional IT service providers, as they have extensive experience in this field.




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