Reduce your Development Time Along with the Costs by Picking the Peerless Hybrid Mobile Apps for your Business

6 min readFeb 18, 2022


Finding an appropriate solution to deploy applications is one of the toughest yet most important tasks for any business. You see, there are so many options available in the market for mobile app development services, that a business owner often finds himself in the middle of a pit. What can be the solution to this confusion? Well, the best way to handle such a situation is to come up with a sorting mechanism. Now, what is that? Well, it is a decision-making process through which you apply filters to your requirement and shortlist the best matching option. In the case of a business, the development time and the cost is some of the biggest factors in hiring a service provider and thus that is the go-to sorting for you. A service that is going to help you reduce your development cost along with the time that is spent on the process. One such name can be A3logics as they provide peerless hybrid mobile app development service for your business.

What is a hybrid app? How can it save you money and time? What are the advantages or disadvantages of hybrid apps? Well, the questions are the most common ones to think about and in this post, we will try to cover all these aspects.

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Hybrid Apps — The Concept & How it Works?

Usually, Mobile apps are platform-oriented and require a separate framework for both Android & IOS. That means if you are a business trying to deploy an app you will need to cover both the platforms individually and thus, it becomes more time-consuming and not to forget, costly. To help enterprises, minimize their expenses and development time, hybrid app development has come as a life-saving utility. A single framework that can work on multiple platforms. The term hybrid states the hybrid nature of deploying a single developed code that can run on multiple platforms. The smart hybrid app concept is something that people used to wish for in earlier days and with the requirement of a mobile application in all fields, every business from small scale to large scale must fight the competition to survive and for such enterprise, a single hybrid app can be a boon.

The prime stat that comes out while mentioning the influence of these hybrid developed apps is that 74% of retail applications on the App Store are working on the same model. 74% is not a small number and that is the reason more and more people are switching towards mobile app development of such type. The working principle of the hybrid applications can be understood in 5 simple points -

  1. A Hybrid Application does not require a web browser to open.
  2. A single codebase can be used for multiple platforms such as Android & IOS
  3. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. can be used to write a Hybrid code
  4. A Native Shell is introduced which is downloadable and can be loaded using a web view.
  5. The Hybrid Apps can access the Internal APIs of a device making it more efficient.

With these 5, you now have the knowledge about how reliable these apps can be. Understanding the core concept of a hybrid module is something very basic and every business or enterprise owner should know the benefits of using a hybrid mobile application. Not only that, some of the finest names in the mobile app development field, including A3logics, have always suggested budding enterprises with budget constraints to take up a hybrid model of development as it saves a lot of development time and cost. No matter the field, be it a simple application developer or a fantasy sports app developement, the choice of implementation is always a hybrid app, and there are so many ways the approach helps them.

Want to know how? Check out the next section for the benefits of hybrid applications.

Benefits of Hybrid Mobile Applications: How it Helps You Save Development Cost & Time?

Now that you are aware of how a hybrid mobile application works, let’s turn our attention to the core benefits of choosing such a development approach. The chances of you getting a traditional app developed and deployed under a strict deadline is always a problematic and sensitive issue as there are so many factors to be taken into consideration while working on a full-fledged app for a particular platform. The decisions on UI, processing engine, etc. always take up a lot of time, and hence you as an enterprise are always behind the clock. Looking at such issues, the idea of getting into hybrid mobile applications seems a great relief. There are different ways and tools to come up with a cross-platform application and has tons of benefits.

The benefits include:-

  1. Reduced Development Time — As you might have got an idea by now, taking up the task of developing a hybrid application is much more simplified and easier than going with a native application. Also, if you can find an IT consulting service as experienced as A3logics, you might achieve the fastest results in terms of quality development. The hassle is less, the number of modules is less and of course, a single codebase is sufficient to handle all your requirements for all the platforms. Obviously, if you are working on a native application, every step will be done twice which means it will take double the time than what a hybrid mobile app development would take. Now, what is a smarter choice? It’s up to you!
  2. Lower in Cost, Higher In Efficiency — People usually think the more expensive a product is, the higher is its efficiency. Well, that is not the case in the app development process as a hybrid application can prove to be much more efficient for your business and it definitely costs less than what it would cost you to come up with a native app that runs smoothly. Time is money and since it will take twice as long to develop a basic application, the resources spent on the process will automatically double, and hence the cost of a hybrid application automatically decreases. The efficiency of a hybrid app is already known to enterprise software development firms that are currently using them. The snappy version of the website that does not cost them a fortune is surely one of the best decisions for them!
  3. Opens Door to a Wider Clientele — When you are working on a native app, there are times when you only target a single platform. That is a decision that a business has to take based on the available resources and timeframe that they have in mind. While the purpose of releasing an app is met, the true aim of generating more leads and driving business to the brand still remains unfulfilled. That is because, by choosing a single platform, you already eliminate half of your potential customers. That is where a hybrid app can prove to be a boon. With a single cost to the company, you can avail yourself access to both the AppStore and Google Playstore, targeting a much larger audience.

Not to forget, the core idea behind every business decision is to gain the best return on investment, and opting for hybrid mobile development can surely help you get a better grasp on the market and reduce the development time and cost by a significant margin. The benefits do not stop with these three as the flexibility of such an approach allows you to play with the user interface, application efficiency, and features that you want to include in your app.

Final Takeaway

As you can understand, moving forward with a hybrid mobile application has its own benefits and is overall a well-designed package for enterprises and is a must opt for all the businesses who aim to reduce development time along with cost. With that being said, to take complete advantage of the potential of a hybrid app. You need peerless development solutions, i.e something that you can rely on. A3logics has always been one of the finest mobile application development service providers and with our ample experience in the field, you can surely get your own hybrid application up and running in no time. The best part is that the consultation with our experts is free of cost so even if you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with the experts.

The upcoming generation of entrepreneurs and businessmen will be the age of hybrid, so the question lies, “Is your brand ready for the future?”




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