Important Comparisons Based on Development: EmberJs vs NodeJs vs ExpressJS

4 min readOct 25, 2021

Javascript is the reason why we can interact today with websites. If you can see a shadow hovering the cursor over the CTA button, it is because of Javascript. When you see the mouse cursor change into the hand sign, it is Javascript.

However, HTML and CSS are structure-building languages that are responsible for the creation of a page within the website.

Anyways, we are here to explore the three unique dimensions of Javascript that are available in the market as platforms of enterprise software development. Having JS as their parent language, they have their unique abilities and are known today separately for their specific features that help users in their own way.

Before beginning with the three dimensions of JS are EMBER JS, EXPRESS JS, and NODE JS, we should know that there are always two ends of development i.e. frontend and backend. And we work on them separately as per the requirement.

The work and usage of the three JS platforms would vary especially with their fruitfulness i.e. either at the backend or frontend.

Let us begin with-

Ember JS vs Express JS

Node JS vs Ember JS

So, there were basic differences and adequate comparisons between the three most popular Javascript development platforms. However, there are a few others as well that include Vue Js. Will compare it some other day with its relevant and common features that are confusing in nature.

Quick Takeaways for Ember JS

  1. Ember JS is mostly used to develop those applications that are maintainable and reusable.
  2. It has a built-in debugging tool ‘Ember Inspector’ to double-check the functionality and performance of Ember applications.
  3. It uses templates to update the model whenever a change is required within the application.
  4. The command-line interface utility helps in integrating the patterns with the development process.
  5. Best for developing long-term interaction generating businesses. The applications like iTunes are the best example as they could sometimes have a full day interaction with the user too.

Quick Takeaways for Node JS

  1. Top NodeJs development companies suggest that it is one of the most dynamic platforms in the Javascript world, popular for its backend developing abilities, and for its non-blocking I/O model that makes it ideal for data-intensive and bulky websites that require real-time performance.
  2. Like Ember JS, Node JS is also an open-source framework, thus enabling it to have community support in the form of a Javascript library.
  3. Node JS executes the output in chunks and never lets you experience the buffer phase.
  4. The event mechanism in Node JS makes it appropriate for those businesses which entertain event-based users. For example, applications like PayPal, UBER both would have event-generating users only. In both of them, a user would never stay in the application for more time than his own event would complete.

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Quick Takeaways for Express JS

  1. Known for its non-blocking server model and is used mostly for the solutions that may have to handle a huge number of sudden visitors.
  2. The primary objective is to provide server-side support however it allows you to develop a web-based application with minimal efforts required.
  3. Its monitoring mode is often praised by the developers. As it helps seeing applications in the console log in real-time.
  4. As far as the learning curve is concerned, Express requires some experience in Javascript however, Ember JS has the most convenient learning curve out of these three platforms.

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