How To Choose The Right EDI Managed Services For Your Enterprise?

5 min readApr 8, 2021

Electronic Data Interchange is the sleek method of exchanging electronic information between companies. Mainly, the documents comprise invoices, transactions, orders, bills, and other related documents. Many industries are taking advantage of EDI service providers to increase productivity and efficiency with supply chain partners.

It has been seen that many companies are now moving forward with EDI technology to gain popularity in the latest market trends. If you are someone who is still new to the EDI and don’t know how to proceed further, we are here to help you!

We understand when you start looking for EDI services, there are various thoughts that nay buzz in your head. In this article, we will be sharing share how you can select the right EDI-managed services for the company by making sure that you must understand what an EDI service provider is all about?

What Are EDI Service Providers?

EDI providers are the ones who sells EDI software or its related services like 834 benefit enrollment and maintenance, EDI 820 for payment orders or Remittance advice, or EDI 204 which is an electronic document used to update shipment orders, etc.

They help companies to exchange standardized information with other business entities. The correct EDI providers will help you with onboarding, visibility process, governance, and demonstrating how well this technology can help you in overall revenue-generation process.

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Completely standardized EDI information also ensures the safe transmission of your critical information between the business and trading partners.

We know you must be thinking about how to choose the right EDI managed services for your business. Therefore, we are giving you a quick head start!

Checklist To Choose Right EDI Service Providers

1. Customer-Focused and Responsive

The EDI service providers must be responsive and offer the best customer service such that one can examine them by assessing their services. To say, how well they are addressing the queries and concerns, etc.

You may start with basic questions by assessing them in the right way parallelly. It is essential because the EDI providers must be attentive to the efficiency of your business needs as much as you do. If you are not from EDI, there are various other methods that are redefining customer service like- chatbot development services.

2. Relevant Industry Experience

The other factor you must consider is choosing that EDI service provider who owns previous relevant experience in your industry. When you align with the EDI personnel who are serving clients from diverse backgrounds, this will help you in giving the wider experience with the best advice along with exceptional results that will add more value to your operations. Apart from this, there is a concept of value addition in the network over EDI.

3. Overall Business Package

We know you must be thinking about what is a business package here, right? Ideal EDI Service Providers must fulfill the overall business requirements according to your supply chain operations. They must be intuitive enough to act before any situation or we can say these professionals should know how to train their users for EDI service with little training or no help.

On the other hand, Additionally, it must be a quick and easy way to fill the bridge between EDI trading partners and ERP systems.

4. Better EDI Integration

When you integrate EDI with your business workflow it reveals various opportunities that can make your business in the spotlight and you can also detect further benefits. EDI technology is the streamlined process that is fully automated and integrated with the accounting process, Transport Management System, enterprise applications, Warehouse Management System, and Product Lifecycle Management. Make sure your EDI service providers are helping you with better integration procedures.

5. Network Reach

An EDI service provider must have the global reach of its network. Else, it would let you keep on wandering in search of another EDI vendor. The reason being, there are different standards in use in different geographical areas.

For example, in the USA, ANSI X12 is in use for benefits enrollment whereas, in Europe, EDIFACT does the same work.

6. Types of EDI services

Running an online enterprise business might require different EDI services. Not sticking to just one what you need, you must check first whether your EDI service provider has other EDI solutions to serve or not?

Different types of EDI services that a business may require are-

  1. Mobile EDI
  2. EDI VAN services
  3. Web-based EDI
  4. EDI outsourcing

7. Business: RPO & RTO

Return point objectives and Return time objectives are two terms that we should already consider while choosing an innovative technology in our business. A technology check is must when it will be going to affect your business in a completely different manner. When it will be changing the pace and outcomes, and enhance the entire user-base into another level, it is essential to scrutinize over the situations after its failure and downfall.

For how long your business could run if the services would fail or fall down below the expected level? And How much time it will take to recover? Are some of the most important factors before choosing right EDI managed services.

Business continuity is a crucial concern after all.

8. Budget

Budget is always a considerable factor irrespective of whatever business or services you would be seeking. EDI then is an expensive technology to deploy, or even to hire EDI outsourcing services isn’t as cheap as it seems.

Yes, getting EDI services outsourced is way cheaper than managing it in the house, yet it asks for many compromises over the control of the information exchange process.

Many business owners get confused and could not decide whether to deploy EDI-managed services or to extract benefits by outsourcing EDI services.

Benefits Of Using EDI Services:

As you have come so far, make sure you are also getting familiar with the benefits of using EDI services in your organization.

  1. EDI services save time & money
  2. EDI reduces errors and other discrepancies
  3. EDI offers better customer service and client satisfaction
  4. EDI focuses on better Inventory Management
  5. EDI allows the faster operational process

Final Words

Security and monitoring are also some of the most crucial factors as far as advanced technology deployment is concerned. Note that the service provider should not rely on manual monitoring tools and have advanced software for alerting.

EDI also works on cloud, therefore, an ensured safety over the cloud becomes essential again because the EDI is all about documentation and exchange of confidential information.

That’s all from our side. Make sure you are selecting the better and efficient EDI service providers. Before proceeding makes sure you are conducting proper research and also understanding the portfolio of EDI personnel.




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