How EDI Is Transforming The Healthcare Landscape?

3 min readJun 22, 2021

Healthcare is a globally accepted industry leaving no region untouched from its presence. Reason being very explicit i.e. essential medical requirements.

Medical formalities including booking an appointment, registration, money and medical exchange, claim settlement, insurance application, rejection, modification, reinstatement are some of the examples that are very commonly operated through EDI managed services in the healthcare industry today and.

Earlier, formalities were possibly the same as they are today, but digital interchange has increased more than they were ever before.

Today, people opt for online consultation due to the availability of online communication with the concerned doctor. However, the facility has accommodated those patients who were really in need of it, but then comes the matter of responsibility for health issues.

A doctor who consults online has to prescribe online as well, which is a matter of responsibility. Thus, this simply needs to be a secure internet-based exchange due to manipulation possibilities.

Frauds like prescription change could be life-threatening for the patient as well as for the doctor in the service terms.

Some of the best EDI managed services have made these things possible with the security assurance it provides with more than 400 types of interchange standards. We should be thankful to ANSI who set such standards and the EDI technology to meet our expectations due to which, online transactions are possible today.

Now, doctors can consult online, and prescribe the medicines to their patients, keep the medical records saved online, and accommodate with the medical suppliers.

Employee benefits, enrollments, and health claim settlements are possible now with EDI 834, EDI 856, EDI 820 and many such standards that are important and taken regularly in use for employee benefits especially.

However, EDI should not be confused with general electronic data exchange that happens via emails, etc. because EDI is not a way of communicating with each other, but it is the technology that keeps the exchanging data safe using different types of edi solutions available as-

→ P2P EDI (point-to-point EDI)- Peer-to-peer communication

→ VAN EDI (value-added network EDI)- a middleman exists in between the route, adds the value (encrypts) the data and then sends to the receiver

→ Cloud-based EDI services

→ Mobile EDI, etc.

There are following facilitations that have become confidently possible only after EDI inclusion in medical or healthcare industry-

→ Operational efficiency

→ Enhanced Urgent care responsiveness

→ Virtual care and technological advances

→ Less Compliance issues and process efficiency

→ Reliable exchange between third-party vendors

→ Evolving healthcare panorama

→ Improved Telehealth solutions

→ EHR systems and caregiving efficiency

→ Medical billing solutions and patient satisfaction

It is better to keep the best option at our side and EDI is undoubtedly the best of today’s available solutions for the sake of safety. Know the questions about EDI service providers that you should ask before hiring them, as they have brought major positive changes to the health sector, however, it doesn’t guarantee the safest approach but no technology as well could provide the same.

There are possibilities some day even EDI become obsolete and some technology might take over it, but even then there would never be such technology that could guarantee the cent percent safety from online threats or spies. Reason is quite pragmatic and digestible that along with the technological advancement, the manipulators, spies are also advancing and they never stay behind in pushing the existing technologies to upgrade by cracking it.

Analyze better before transforming your healthcare business because EDI services are problematic at the same time when they are implemented and require dedicated experts to handle and operate things with it.




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