How blockchain will transform the future of media and entertainment

3 min readSep 16, 2020


Blockchain, you must have heard this word many times, especially with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. But this is not all about block chain's. Blockchain’s are small blocks connected in a chain that store information in an encrypted way. These are enrolled in a manner that restrains their resulting change. Blockchain solutions expand the security and rates up the trading of data in a manner that is savvy and more straightforward. It likewise abstains from outsiders whose primary job was to give a trust and accreditation component in exchanges.

The importance of blockchain and the advantages it offers has grabbed the attention of business owners across various industry verticals, especially the banking and finance sector. Blockchain solutions facilitate much faster and cost-efficient transactions, which can lead to effectiveness and budgeting for businesses.

Even though blockchain is still connected with digital forms of money like bitcoin, it has the potential of creating outstanding apps for a myriad of businesses. And one such industry is media and entertainment and integrating blockchain solutions can solve many problems like security and money transfer.

Blockchain in Media and Entertainment

Blockchain solutions are known to bring in a lot of change in this industry due to the high security and transparency it offers, especially in the matters related to finance. But apart from this, there are various other ways how integrating these smart solutions can transform media and entertainment.

1. Revenue

One of the major challenges which this industry faces is piracy. People here transfer and download files illegally hampering the revenue of the content creators. Hiring a development company that offers proficient product engineering services and can help you in integrating blockchain solutions into your business. It is very much easy to track the transfer of blockchain integrated music and content and in that way business can earn more revenue too.

2. Micro payments for Content

It may happen that users are not willing to pay a whole membership fee at a time but are ready to pay a little expense to peruse a solitary article or marathon watch a period of a TV program. In cases like these, pay-per-use utilization could become attainable gratitude to blockchain-fueled micro payments. Blockchain’s capacity to keep an extensive record of its information could consider more precise following of when and how a copyrighted substance is expended. A micro payment valuing model would regularly be wasteful to actualize, however, its execution could be completely computerized and savvy with blockchain.

3. The Elimination of Content Aggregation

The decentralized structure of blockchain could empower content makers to legitimately disperse their work to buyers, bypassing conventional conveyance channels, and leaving a bigger portion of income for content makers themselves. This could affect everybody from enormous media houses to free bloggers, helping specialists structure an immediate relationship with buyers. Businesses hire IT consulting services to integrate smart blockchain solutions that can help them in their task.

4. Royalty collection and distribution

In the industry like media and entertainment, where everything works on a royalty basis, it is very difficult to keep a track of it. Each time a tune is streamed on the web or played on TV shows, there are many questions related to the royalty.

Keen agreements based on a blockchain and joined to a given bit of music could include accuracy, speed, and trust to the cycle by executing contract terms naturally among qualified gatherings. This would take into account more exact following of a melody’s utilization, faster payments, and more clarity over agreement terms and the division of income among specialists and different partners.

Bottom Line

Companies are still figuring out ways to integrate blockchain solutions into their business as blockchain development is still in its initial phase. However, given the fervor around the numerous ways, it could be put to use, and it’s still quite early for all the media houses to integrate them or even understand the importance of these smart solutions. But one they do there is no seeing back, it can change the whole experience.




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