Features of Our Fantasy Football App Development That Can Help You Crack the Market

5 min readFeb 15, 2022


There are tons of experts who claim that they have the best fantasy football app development service in the world. While they make these claims based on what they can achieve or what potential they have in themselves, however, we at A3logics speak only on the behalf of what we have already achieved in the field. There is no doubt that the market for fantasy sports apps development is going up like a tesla rocket and every enterprise wants a piece of this success without missing out on it. As interesting and as tempting as it sounds, the reality behind succeeding in the field is not related to having an idea and vision, but it depends on the resources your deploy to make it happen. More than 90% of people in the world have thought of doing something of their own but they failed because they did not have a perfect team behind them. Well, if you want to make a mark of your name and need someone to take care of your development and application demands, then A3logics is the place for you.

We have been the market leaders in providing quality assistance in fantasy football app development and can be of great help for you if you want to crack the already congested market. There are tons of competitors that you will have to overcome to ensure great success, especially in a game-centric application that focuses solely on football. The designing and development is the backbone of any application and when factors like live feeds, instant gamification, and responsive notifications, which are important for a fantasy app development are concerned, you need nothing less than the best, and A3logics has always been a one-stop solution for highly functional mobile app development service with some of the finest features that you can ever think of. From gamification of the leader board to integrating multiple live feed support, we are global leaders in creating the best products, and that too at a price point no one in the market can match.

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You might be wondering what exactly do we have in store for you? Or what makes us the finest in the business? Well, in two words, It’s our features! Yes, we have the best list of development features and options that you can use in your development process. What are those features? Check them out below!

  1. Refer to Earn Module

In fantasy sports apps, be it in football or any other sport, the community becomes tightly bonded when they start playing together. This means, users try to get their friends on board and you must reward them as they are helping you reach out to a wider audience. Refer to earn module helps you manage every user’s points easily and deploy their rewards so that your application becomes more and more popular among the fans of the game. The module is an important part of your app as it entices the majority of your users to bring more people to your platform.

2. Robust CRM

The customer relationship management system is the spine of your application. Without providing complete care and response to the user, you can not make your app a hit and that is where our custom-designed robust CRM software comes into action. It provides you with all the insights and tools that can help you polish the features and keeps you updated with the feedback that your users leave and help you maximize the potential of your app.

3. Gamified User-Interface

Customized badges, leaderboards, point distribution, and whatnot. The gamification helps your app look land feel like a sports app and that is the differentiating factor among others. You can try to implement any sort of gamification with our assistance no matter how complex the functionality seems as our experts know hot make things work. This is the core feature that can help you create an identity in the market and hence you can never afford to go wrong with this.

4. Multiple Game Modes

You need to give your user the freedom of choosing what they want to play. Be it a single game, a season pass, or whatever they want. Your app must have multiple game modes. Else you are lacking behind in the market. Give your user the options to choose so that they do not have to look for other apps after browsing yours. This also brings more functionality to your app making the application more useful for a wider range of audiences that you must target.

5. Accurate Data Feed Integration

What is the point of providing a fantasy sports app without an accurate data feed? Most of the apps in football usually have to take a loss just because the sports data that they provided was not accurate which cost their users a lot. With our development process, you can stay free of any worries related to the same as we have some of the finest sources with us that are highly reliable and ensure that your user gets the best data and makes your application a better place to fulfill all their fantasy football bets with more precision.

With all of these features and the best developers from across the globe, we assure you a perfectly balanced fantasy football application that fulfills all your requirements without costing you a fortune. One of the biggest concerns of the enterprises is always related to the time and the cost of the development. It is because there are companies that take a lot of time than usual and hence make the process more complex. With A3logics, you do not have to worry about all those things as now you can make a very polished and robust app with the experts of our fantasy sports app development company.

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A3logics makes your development process a smooth journey towards success and that is the reason enterprises with a vision reach out to us. You too can turn your vision into a reality by reaching out to our advanced developers. We are also the best consulting IT service providers in the country and thus if you have any doubts, you can fix a free consultation with our experts who can help you reach the final decision and lead you towards your goal. Reach out today!




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