Explore 3 Entities Between Which EDI 834 Process Flows

How is EDI 834 connected with it?

The Three Entities Around Which EDI 834 Revolves

What if the process of benefits allotment gets affected?

  1. The employer asks its employees to get enrolled with the benefits. Or, the employees might reach the healthcare exchange points and choose to get enrolled through it only. In both cases, the employee is getting enrolled with the benefits. And the employer is going to pay for the benefits that the employee is choosing.
  2. Benefits broker comes as a middle man between the two entities involved in the first step. It has the role to keep the process flow smoothly, to check on its transparency and proper execution.
  3. Now, when the ‘payer’ i.e. the employer pays to the healthcare provider or the healthcare exchange point, the healthcare provider generates an invoice for the payment and sends it to the payer. And the payer processes that invoice and completes the payment, will send back the receipt to the prior one and completes the payment part.
  4. Meanwhile, this payment process, EDI 834 transaction set is used to keep the information of the payer and the receiver safe and unshared with any foreign body.
  1. EDI web services
  2. EDI mapping
  3. Meta-data of Schemas
  4. Compliances and Business rules



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