Enterprise Mobility: A Revolutionary Change in the Manufacturing Industry

3 min readApr 7, 2020

The growing popularity of advanced technology and emerging trends are quite evident these days. Now, mobile and wireless tools are paving their way through multiple industries, such as healthcare, education, logistics, retail and more. Almost every company has replaced its traditional methods with enterprise mobility. The manufacturing sector initially had some inhibitions to embrace mobility but now that it has incorporated it in the system, the industry is witnessing a huge revamp, opening gates for ‘Industry 4.0.’ From boosting efficiency to streamlining the workflow, it has seen some major revolutions in the past few years and now we can say that enterprise mobility technology is here to stay.

The manufacturing industry was under constant pressure to improve their outcome and quality while reducing the cost. The application of mobility proved to be a game-changer in such difficult times and reshaped the sector by making it efficient, agile cost-effective. It has ensured strategic and innovative development while attaining excellency in the competitive market. Apart from this, it has also brought some great changes in organizations, such as:

Keeps Workstations Connected

Manufacturing companies comprise different departments and stations to carry various tasks. The real challenge is to ensure coherence and coordination amongst them with minimum effort. Many business owners adopt latest technologies and communication tools to attain that. However, with enterprise mobility, this herculean task becomes easier as it streamlines all the manufacturing processes and boosts the overall productivity. By using mobile apps, industries can provide the workers with real-time data, information, stock details, reports, training videos and more. This further makes it convenient to manage operations, wastage, products, labour, etc. Moreover, as workers are empowered with adequate resources and applications, they are able to accomplish their tasks and improve productivity. Also, they have faster access to all the information which is essential to keep all the employees connected and respond quickly to clients.

Adds to the Productivity

Organizations seek enterprise mobility solutions to improve individual performance of the employees and add to their productivity. It is a proven fact that digitization through mobile devices optimizes supply network in a secure and environment-friendly manner. With an automatic system fueled with innovation, productivity can witness a jump of about 7–10%. Now, employers don’t have to visit each station separately but monitor the operations on one dashboard and evaluate the contribution of each worker. If you want, then you can customize the mobile application to track individual production unit, customer service team, sales department and logistic team. Workers also find it easy to embrace smart and easy technology in their daily routine and can communicate through a central device effectively.

Allows Real-Time Monitoring

Mobile technology enables organizations to track locations, manage orders, improve accuracy, exchange knowledge and information in no time. Employers can analyze logistics to analyze the area that lacks efficiency and take the corrective measures instantly. Manufacturing industry prefers a customized enterprise mobile app solution to supervise the entire work and prepare detailed reports about finance, operations, human resources, marketing, production, etc. with these multiple enterprise-level apps integrated into the system, companies can reduce the cost and get a better outcome from different departments. Team leaders can check the updates and status of orders, raw materials, good arrivals and more. The percentage of work completed in a week and the schedule for the next week can be planned without much effort. Tracking the department that lags and taking action to fill the gap will be a cakewalk for organizations. Of course, with sales departments and other authorities having all the details about inventory, customer relationship will surely see an immense improvement.

Final Thoughts

This is just the beginning of mobility solutions and automated processes in the manufacturing sector. You can expect major changes and explore a wider scope in the coming years. Considering the importance of productive mobile strategy, getting familiar with enterprise mobility and its uses has become a need of the hour for manufacturers. They need to understand how they can implement the technology in custom services, inventory control and optimization of operations. With the biggest companies adopting this tool to enhance their productivity, you simply cannot afford to hang back. So, include digitization now in your company and witness a great transformation in the coming years.




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