Cost & Features To Be In An Ideal Self LMS

How does A Self LMS work?

  • Remote learning
  • Diversity training; Necessary for Remote training
  • Custom E-learning management solution
  • Learning Content management solution
  • Learning experience platform
  • Mobile learning solutions; Often termed as mlearning solutions
  1. The cost basically depends on various factors, including its mode of presence i.e. cloud or off-cloud. Also, if the LMS is a self-hosted one, it may charge comparatively higher than the usual one.
  2. A Cloud-based LMS could cost you $4000 to $7000.
  3. A self-hosted learning management software could levy you more than 20 grand. However, the cost can never be certain due to varying requirements. One can only keep an idea of a range but not a fixed price.
  4. The range for an elearning application like Udemy is 50 grand beginning from $8,000-$10,000 to $65–70,000. Note that, Udemy is the most successful E-learning platform across the globe.

Features to be in an ideal Self LMS-

  1. It has to be flexible and should render complete ownership to the user over search results and patterns.
  2. Easy integration with mobile support.
  1. Centralized learning materials
  2. Flexible reporting analytics
  3. Offline learning facilitation
  4. Skills and Certification tracking
  5. Can be used for training, learning, as well as assessment.



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