Cost & Features To Be In An Ideal Self LMS

3 min readSep 13, 2021

Self-directed learning is a separate space in elearning-based development, which keeps growing even after moving out of the developer’s corner.

How does A Self LMS work?

With the search pattern of the users and relevant results surfed by them, a self-learning management system adopts its own style and pattern.

Usually, any software is built up with quite a rigid structure that helps it in processing the search results. A self-learning management system is a different breed in this concern, as it depends on the learner’s query more than the structure embedded in it by the elearning software solutions developing agency.

However, there are different types of elearning solutions or there are different requirements in them as necessary, such that-

  • Remote learning
  • Diversity training; Necessary for Remote training
  • Custom E-learning management solution
  • Learning Content management solution
  • Learning experience platform
  • Mobile learning solutions; Often termed as mlearning solutions

Having different sorts of solutions, this pandemic phase is won by us by not letting it withdraw the studying opportunities from us.

Let us jump into the main subject of this article that talks about the cost and features to be in an ideal Self-learning management system-

However, it is recommended to hire an experienced LMS software development company only for a Self-directed LMS as it requires a different set of code that could read and adopt the searching pattern of a learner. Moving ahead-

  1. The cost basically depends on various factors, including its mode of presence i.e. cloud or off-cloud. Also, if the LMS is a self-hosted one, it may charge comparatively higher than the usual one.
  2. A Cloud-based LMS could cost you $4000 to $7000.
  3. A self-hosted learning management software could levy you more than 20 grand. However, the cost can never be certain due to varying requirements. One can only keep an idea of a range but not a fixed price.
  4. The range for an elearning application like Udemy is 50 grand beginning from $8,000-$10,000 to $65–70,000. Note that, Udemy is the most successful E-learning platform across the globe.

Features to be in an ideal Self LMS-

  1. It has to be flexible and should render complete ownership to the user over search results and patterns.
  2. Easy integration with mobile support.

However, the other features and trends to be in an LMS are in common thus mentioning them ahead separately-

  1. Centralized learning materials
  2. Flexible reporting analytics
  3. Offline learning facilitation
  4. Skills and Certification tracking
  5. Can be used for training, learning, as well as assessment.

A self-learning management system software isn’t an ordinary resource of learning. It could make your learning experience straight to another level of personalized learning. With a thorough analysis and learning of search results and query generation, it becomes exactly how you want it to be. Thus, a regulated self-directed learning practice is also an off-technical requirement.

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence can add amazing experience to this type of software. Make sure to hire the best elearning service providers to develop innovative self-learning software.

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