Cost and Features to Develop an Effective Sales Management Solution

3 min readMar 18, 2021

A sales management solution allows a business to commerce online without letting the sales team burn underneath the hotter sun or to get frozen by the coldest winds outside. It brings the entire market to your system and lets the communication begin at every required level.

It not only gets the communication to begin but also allows the exchange of as much information and knowledge as required through a safer channel than ever before through the involvement of edi service providers.

EDI refers to a technology i.e. electronic data interchange, that helps in exchanging information between two required points of exchange or sales usually.

However, as far as saas software development is concerned, sales management solutions are facing a hefty demand due to the complete digital transformation of even the smallest enterprise vendor in the market today.

The reason being, it allows sales managers to sneak into the performance of the company through smart insights as well as analyze the loopholes and maintain the pace to meet the targets efficiently.

A sales management solution offers the following benefits to an organization-

  • Track key call metrics
  • Optimize sales process
  • Email support, etc.

A sales manager, if traditionally seen, has to go through more than just coping with the potential customers. One has to source the customer, analyze and qualify them as a lead, address and churn out their requirement to offer them the solution as your software/product, and much more than just that.

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Sales management includes the entire process with more than one steps in it-

1. Qualifying leads

Potential customers are required to represent the ideas at first but then, it comes to qualify the leads for their potential on an ethical as well as an overall basis. The online interface allows interactions on such a fine level that communication isn’t a problem anymore.

2. Addressing the problem & Providing the solution

As said earlier, Sales is not just about selling the product or services, it is about churning and extracting out the customers’ needs and then providing them their solution. It requires an amazing skill set and manipulation tactics though, for which, the smart sales management solutions have interactive email support and communication templates.

3. Negotiation & Conversion

A smarter sales management solution allows putting up the packages in different levels to offer different versions of the same services. Also, the chatbot services, if enrolled, would help in communicating with the business personnel directly and lets the customer interaction begin.

Ultimately helping in customer retention by providing the scope of conversion to the customers.

With the help of an effective sales management solution, companies can now cooperate with their potential clients and customers digitally without requiring to hustle anymore and cover longer distances just for proposing an idea.

Everything can be implemented through smarter CRM solutions and hcm solutions that are integrable with other in-house official software. However, the cost of a sales management solution to get build ranges quite economically from $30 to $50 per month as a packet or it hardly asks for $1000 overall.

As per the trend is observed, enterprises adopt sales management solutions on a rental basis more than just developing the same for themselves.

However, there exist benefits of owning a sales management solution as far as scalability and flexibility over its operations are concerned. Its cloud-based model maximizes the overall business ROI and accelerates the required information and knowledge exchange.




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