Byju’s the Biggest Edtech Startup Used Simple Product Engineering Stages to Win the Market

4 min readAug 21, 2020


Started with a small budget of $2666.93, the Indian edtech start-up has reached great heights in a span of a decade. In March 2019, it was named the world’s biggest edtech company at $5.4 billion.

The journey of the start-up is always eventful with the peaks and valleys. What keeps a startup from seeing its downfall is the way the idea is conceived and the brains that go into product engineering. Let’s begin the understanding of the business from its basics. When we talk about a product in the market, there’s a lot that goes behind the scene. Here the best of Product Engineering Service Providers share their insight on how the idea would have been turned to a most popular mobile application around the world.

Stage 1: Conceiving the Idea

Byju Ravindaram was training some graduates on how to crack a competition exam using short tricks, when he realized the loophole in the children education system. It was here that he decided to shift his focus to childhood education. He wanted a platform where he could teach some basic subjects like maths and science in an engaging and interesting way in school.

Thus, the first step is accomplished.

In the early 2000s, when Indian education system lacked access to digital means, Byju Ravindaram entered the market with a revolutionary education and Elearning solution that may have failed.

(Fortunately it didn’t!)

Stage 2: Defining the Feature Set

Now that the idea of coming up with a mobile application that would change the way the world learns was there, the next step was to think of the features and operations to include in the work. The app offers its users original educational content, some watch-and-learn videos, animations, and interactive simulations that would help students grasp things easily, in a fun way. It was a clear no to rote learning. This approach was meant to help students realize what to learn, when to learn, and how much to learn. Finding the right way to learn what they love, they would surely learn better and score better.

Stage 3: Design the Basic Model

The idea was put together, and a basic classroom model way introduced. The focus was always on creating a segment of self-paced learners. Once the students find how interesting it is to learn at their own pace without much interference and with interesting visuals, they start loving the app. The basic model of the app is kept simple so that the audience can navigate and find the required queries easily. The app does include a lot of features like videos, animations, questionnaires, but they are placed so that one thing leads to another thus engaging the student in the learning process.

Stage 4: Implementing the Design to Reality

The sar-up began with a basic classroom setup in 2011, which further took the shape of a mobile application in 2015. BYJU’s mobile application was developed by Think and Learn PVT LTD. that changed the educational industry forever. For a product to work so well in the market, and earn such a name in a span of a decade, it is important that it is developed to perfection.

If you have an app idea and are looking for a mobile app development company, then reach the masters of the game. The quality analysis and product testing team ensures to use each functionality and verify expected results. Thus, a flawless app is just a click away.

Stage 5: Marketing the App to Reach the Right Audience

The app follows a freemium model. Some of its content is available to the students for free at basic level and for advanced level students need to subscribe to the app. Once the students see how user friendly and interesting the content is, they can move to the advanced level.

To reach the students, the startup has hit the market with some really interesting and innovative advertising campaigns.

Reaching the right audience is the key to success of your mobile app solution.

Stage 6: Launch Your App

Now that you are set with a perfect app, just reach the right platform and launch your app. According to app developers associated with us, you can choose to develop and launch a hybrid app that would be compatible with various platforms.

Wrapping It Up!

Education and Elearning is a domain that is expanding continuously. Especially with the outbreak of the global pandemic, Elearning has emerged as a safe solution to educate children. If you want to launch your e-learning mobile app, don’t delay. Reach to the expert developers who with the best product engineering service providers would come up with solutions that will help you increase your ROI 10X.




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