Best Python Frameworks That Are Trending in 2021

3 min readJun 8, 2021


Python being an easy developing and open-source language, has the ability to connect the other components of the software. It is easy to learn and implement and is desirable to not only develop but also test, debug, and maintain things with it.

There are many enterprise software development companies with python development services as their niche. However, the market offers us different frameworks based on Python which we are going to see here ahead of time. That’s a matter of choice though to rather choose Python for development from scratch level or use Python based frameworks or CMSs.

Let us check out the best trending Python frameworks of 2021 and their grounds-

1. Flask

Flask has easy to understand boundaries and is believed to have gotten inspired from the Ruby framework. It has built-in debugger and it supports the code to be reused.

Being a lightweight application framework, it is good for beginners to take a start within backend development. It is also stated by many experts that its best compliance is with WSGI 1.0.

WSGI is basically a contract between the server and the framework or application developed in Python. The benefit of having WSGI compliance is that we can change the web server whenever required but must be with the WSGI supporting one.

2. Django

Pinterest, Reddit being some of the renowned examples of Django development services are enough to speak for it. Its object oriented programming renders all the liberty to customize security, backup, and storage.

Being the most preferred Python-based framework due to its simplicity and precision, Django comes with a rich UI that allows a developer to run functions without requiring to write a code for the same.

MVC architecture, large active community behind it are some of the reasons why Django is one of the most preferred choices out of more than twenty Python-based frameworks.

3. Web2py

Web2py is a framework known to develop dynamic solutions at minimal effort. It is even often compared with Django due to Django’s limitations and Web2py’s simpler syntax than any other Python-based framework.

Offering rich feature sets and flexibility meanwhile the development is one of the primary goals of Web2py along with its being easy to use, implement, and get deployed.

It is counted as one of the best Python frameworks due to its ‘simple is better than complex’ approach.

4. CherryPy

Python being a server side framework allows cruise control over the website solutions. CherryPy supports repeated iterations of development and is reliable at reasonable scale. We may run CherryPy on shared servers, in the cloud as well.

As far as creating web components are concerned, CherryPy is not that easy as Flask because with CherryPy we need more research and Flask, on the other end, is easier with better documentation and well documented components.

5. Bottle

Bottle is a micro web framework designed in such a way that it is fast, easy to implement, and does not depend upon anything except Python standard library.

It can work with multiple databases allowing HTTP metadata, cookies and renders everything that a lightweight framework does. However, it is chosen very late if Flask is there in the available options for back-end development.

Bottle supports WSGI and HTTP servers and offers the liberty to the developers to work near to the hardware. Netflix is the biggest streaming example based on the Bottle framework of Python.

These are the best 5 Python-based frameworks in trend nowadays especially in 2021 due to their dynamic offerings and ability to handle/create desirable technical things. They are not just trending at local levels but larger corporate and media companies have also adopted them for their robust and responsive features.




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