Benefits Of Automating Benefits Enrollment Process In The Corporate Sector

3 min readAug 24, 2021


In the corporate world, everything needs to be well-scrutinized and outperforming in nature. Sometimes even more than that to set a benchmark in the market for the quality standards and deliverance.

As far as HR professionals are concerned, they ought to work a lot in multiple dimensions being a part of the management. They work on recruitment, payroll and compliances, insurance and benefits enrollment, policy-making, and its implementation.

Let us emphasize the functions of HR and analyze whether benefits enrollment is most worthy or not if it would be automated?

However, the other dimensions in HR need to be automated and have started getting so already, but we here would be discussing the most prevalent dimension that keeps HR employees strangled all the time around regulations and frequently changing policies i.e. Benefits enrollment.

Benefits of Automating Benefits Enrollment Process:

  • Time is saved

When a new employee or even the older one is to do anything with his benefits, the HR person has to engage with the person throughout the process. Be it reinstatement, a new enrollment, or any modification, it asks engagement of the HR person along with the beneficiary.

Automating benefits enrollment means deploying EDI 834 into the organization that allows an employee to enroll himself, modify his benefits, and implement whatever basic changes himself for which he earlier needed the HR person.

It saves a lot of time for both the employee as well as the HR person. Neither an employee has to seek for the HR person to get free for him, and nor the HR person has to leave his work for frequent modification an employee may wish to make.

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  • Enough Bandwidth To Learn New Skills

The time that automation saves by making everything online, allows the HR employees to let them engage themselves in other activities and skill development.

However, there are other dimensions too that are equally important and would prove beneficial for an organization, if automated like medical invoice reconciliations, and the entire medical insurance process especially.

Monthly bills that were typically printed online keeps a person engaged always to process and acknowledge them into the records. Automation of the billing process could help a lot.

Automate Safety Using EDI Services

EDI managed services are the most basic Ensure the safety and security of all employee data, treat their healthcare information like it is your own. Work with your benefits administrator to ensure the system works with your IT networks.

Automate the Medical Insurance Process

I would automate the entire medical insurance process. There is really no reason for there to be any paper involved in this process anymore. It’s incredibly important to automate medical benefits because doing so helps reduce errors since it is much more organized and all in one readily accessible place.

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Additionally, if something goes wrong and we need to contact the insurance company, we would have all the accurate and up-to-date information right in front of us instead of fumbling through files while on the phone with the insurance company.




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