7 Benefits of Using Django Framework For Startups Like E-commerce

4 min readJun 11, 2021


Django has the ability to simplify complex development situations along with its compatibility and supportive community makes it a choice for enterprise software development especially. In this brief write-up, we are going to explore how Django could be beneficial for Startups usually like E-commerce?

What makes it a likewise technology stack for E-commerce and other business ideas specifically?

Once we have churned out our requirements and decided what we are expecting to develop as our business solution, the technology stack becomes a dilemma again. However, choosing an appropriate tech stack is another subject and we won’t divert on it assuming that we have directly jumped onto getting Django development services.

How much our immaturely jumped decision would be helpful for us is all that we are going to see here now-

1. Easy to Modify

Today, we see most of the businesses have taken the shape as per their consumer choice. I mean, they are not just selling what people want, but they transformed their businesses as people may desire.

They have induced the customer review process so dynamically easy that any user can review the product from any platform.

The presence of business in each and every social media platform is allowing the audience to trade easily. Django has the ability to bring changes in the same frequency. It is quite quick and welcomes any modification quite easily.

2. Affordable

Startups are not just rich people stuff but are just a matter of initiative.

Anyone can think, anyone can idealize, and anyone could even initiate and execute that particular idea into a digitally materialized solution.

Now that’s a different matter, if what technology stack the one is going to choose. But, Django is affordable and can easily support those ideas that are looking for an economic development framework for unique eCommerce business ideas.

3. It is FAST

Django has a clear and clean syntax that makes it easily readable and comprehensive for those with minimal programming familiarity.

However, rapid prototyping and fast development are two-way different things, but many people get confused with it and that is why we are going to explain prototyping as well, as Django’s next benefit.

Nevertheless, the extensions, libraries make Django a fast-developing framework. Therefore, for those with an urgency for the delivery of some eCommerce solution, Django would work.

4. Scalable

Experts say Django’s scalability has no expansion limit. Some say we cannot assume how much scalability Django can provide one’s business, and suggest checking out Instagram when asked about an example.

5. Time-efficient

However, this would be a revised point but here we can say the ever-ready libraries and packages save a lot of time for the developers to add some functionality into a solution. Not just this, but the implementation and authentication required for execution are also made available with the package.

6. Flexible

Django allows configuration as per the requirement, unlike ROR. Its libraries and extensions are believed as bigger and more powerful than it, which allows even more dynamism to the developers.

However, Django has few limitations that we should all know for its best utilization before hiring a Django developer.

7. Future Friendly: Machine Learning

Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the future fundamentals and almost every sector will be using it by the end of this decade. No wonder why machine learning is becoming common but what matters to us here is that Django and Machine learning both are a lot to do with Python.

A business idea developed using Django development services would easily adapt the machine learning part and could take the business model into totally another level.

If we have to conclude with just 7 points, these would be the most worthy to note on. However, the list of benefits is quite long and would require a handful of pages to write on them.

8. Secure from XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, etc.

There are a few security concerns that might draw your attention towards Django and convince you to adopt it more readily for your eCommerce startup. Let us see what security aspects it has in its favor-

Django could help your business from probable web-based attacks like XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, Clickjacking, etc.

XSS attacks are known as cross-site scripting issues in which the client-side code starts getting injected to the other users’ browsers. This usually happens when we keep the malicious scripts in the database.

Now, by using Django as an Ecommerce development tool, the templates would protect the majority of XSS attacks however, the methods to implement the protection measures is a matter of experience.

Similarly, there exist cross site request forgery attacks that allow the attacker to steal and operate using the credentials without any consent required.

However, there are other eCommerce developing platforms like Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce, which offer unique safety features and separate functionalities in their own ways, that you might like being an eCommerce business owner.

9. Django Frameworks for customization

Django basically has around 4 frameworks named as- Oscar, Saleor, Django-shop, and Shuup.

Now, to customize the eCommerce website, Oscar is considered as one of the best customizing frameworks of Django as it supports all the core factors required for ideal eCommerce software solutions.

Products with personalized messages, extension libraries, and multiple payment gateway are some of the eCommerce-friendly features that Oscal offer. In addition, the dashboard completely replaces the traditional Django admin and provides support for complex order processing to the business provider.

All that you require here is to find the right eCommerce solution provider so that you would get the solution developed as you desire for.




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