6 Integrated Development Environment For CodeIgnitor Web Development

5 min readNov 25, 2021

An environment is all about something that consists of everything required to live in it. If it has a single thing that is undesirable or not required to survive, either we term it as a toxic one or we don’t call it an environment at all.

Similarly, an integrated development environment is all about the resources required to develop software.

Interpreters, compilers, automation tools, source code editors, debuggers are some of the commonly found software development resources in an IDE.

In this article, we will be going to read about the comparison between the two commonly confusing entities i.e. Code editor and IDE. The common and uncommon features are clearly highlighted in a tabular form.

Also, we will find the number of integrated development environments within CodeIgnitor, that are ideal to work in and to adopt for desirable enterprise software development.


1. NetBeans

It is ideally an IDE for Java but has tooling features for other popular languages such as Php, C++, etc. However, it is also known as the most famous development IDE for Php in the market.

It runs on the most commonly used operating systems including Linux, Windows, macOS, etc, and allows applications to be developed from modules.

It has a Java editor which detects your errors while writing the code. According to experts, NetBeans is deployable while working with Node.js version 14, AngularJS, and other JavaScript libraries.

The best thing about it is when it comes to developing applications for embedded systems you can write the code in your local language and it allows you to compile it remotely in your system.

2. Eclipse

If NetBeans is the best IDE for Php development services, Eclipse is termed as the best IDE to use multiple languages in it. With an extensible plug-in structure that can be tailored as per the requirements.

It offers the following development environments for different requirements such as-

  • Php CodeIgnitor
  • Eclipse CDT
  • Eclipse Java Development Tools

These three environments are for Php, C & C++, and Java respectively.

Code Navigation, formatting of codes, and syntax highlighting are some facilitations it provides to developers.

3. Visual Studio Code

An open-source editor that supports JavaScript libraries along with required augmentation in languages like Python, Php Codeignitor, C++, C#. It allows users to alter keyboard shortcuts, change the theme, and install necessary extensions.

It is an open-source editor developed to work on Windows, macOS, and Linux by Microsoft.

Comes with a range of versions depending on the usage with an easy learning curve and interactive UI.

4. Zend

Xdebug, X-ray, and Zend debugger are integrable debugging tools within Zend Studio. It supports Php and is known to handle cloud-based servers. It is an integrated development environment known as a collection of features that includes debugging, docker support, indexing, and effortless writing of code.

It supports the usual operating systems including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

5. Code Lobster

It basically supports all the frameworks based on Php along with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, which makes it a complete and capable development environment.

It allows local authentication of the code, along with some distinct features like syntax highlighting, function parameters, code validator, and in-house debugger.

With auto-complete features, it allows staying free from memorizing the name of the functions, arguments, tags while developing using Javascript, CSS, and Php.

6. PhpStorm

It is developed by JetBrains and is known as the best or ideal IDE to work with the most popular development platforms including Symfony, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc.

With this fact, we can conclude that it would be the best IDE to develop eCommerce software solutions if ever required.

With an easy user interface, it allows frontend ideas to get implemented easily with the help of CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, etc.

Post grasping a little knowledge about the 6 popular integrated development environments, let us sneak into the most confusing terms that commonly obstruct the users or the beginners to differentiate the two entities i.e. Code editor and IDE itself.

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Confusion Between Code Editor & IDE?

An IDE is basically an integrated software development environment. While a code editor just allows you to edit the code text. But an IDE also allows the same. Therefore, we have a list of common offerings provided by both, and those which are not in common would help in differentiating between them.

Features of CodeIgnitor

  1. It is Free to Employ and doesn’t need any installation like its competitors. It allows direct uploading of files, configuring them, and starting functioning with them. The configuration procedure it allows is effortless and is based on the model-based structure to work upon it.
  2. In-built libraries make coding simpler than other Php frameworks. Along with form validation, database assistance, it facilitates sending emails and renders a full-fledged package to develop enterprise solutions.
  3. The creator of CodeIgnitor himself likes it for its lightweight and small-sized library that can be added as per the requirements. It is fast, dynamic, and is expandable effortlessly. It requires merely 15 MB to be downloaded along with the libraries and user guide with an easy learning curve.
  4. SEO-friendly segment-based approach provides adequate flexibility to develop enterprise solutions in an advanced manner, such that it allows developers to transform the URL into an SEO-friendly one.

With complete package development, CodeIgnitor offers easy session handling and keeps controller class as the basic element while Model and View elements remain non-compulsory.

It is wise to analyze and scrutinize the required skills before hiring a Codeignitor developer or Codeignitor development company, as CodeIgnitor is an MVC architecture-based development platform that needs fewer codes as compared to its competitors yet requires an agile developer with adequate experience in developing Php solutions.




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