6 Integrated Development Environment For CodeIgnitor Web Development


1. NetBeans

2. Eclipse

  • Php CodeIgnitor
  • Eclipse CDT
  • Eclipse Java Development Tools

3. Visual Studio Code

4. Zend

5. Code Lobster

6. PhpStorm

Confusion Between Code Editor & IDE?

Features of CodeIgnitor

  1. It is Free to Employ and doesn’t need any installation like its competitors. It allows direct uploading of files, configuring them, and starting functioning with them. The configuration procedure it allows is effortless and is based on the model-based structure to work upon it.
  2. In-built libraries make coding simpler than other Php frameworks. Along with form validation, database assistance, it facilitates sending emails and renders a full-fledged package to develop enterprise solutions.
  3. The creator of CodeIgnitor himself likes it for its lightweight and small-sized library that can be added as per the requirements. It is fast, dynamic, and is expandable effortlessly. It requires merely 15 MB to be downloaded along with the libraries and user guide with an easy learning curve.
  4. SEO-friendly segment-based approach provides adequate flexibility to develop enterprise solutions in an advanced manner, such that it allows developers to transform the URL into an SEO-friendly one.



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