5 Ways How Beacon Technology is Transforming the Retail and eCommerce Business

3 min readOct 21, 2020


Beacon technology helps enhance the customers’ shopping experience by maintaining a constant connection between the online app and in-store shopping. Apple, in 2013, introduced small Bluetooth devices named as Beacon. These devices let customers know about the offers and discounts on products when they are in the store. Though not many stores are using this technology, yet retailers who are looking for digital transformation are reaching out to a proficient product engineering company to get a customized solution developed for their business. There are many benefits of this innovative technology and today we are going to talk about them. So, without wasting much time, let us directly jump onto knowing them:

1. Helps in tracking the in-store movement of customers

This advanced technology helps track where the customer is in your store and based on that can send a discount offer on that particular section. This increases the chances of purchase. For example, in a shoe store, when a customer is in the sneakers section, beacon technology notifies the customers about the most viable offers that are currently there in that particular section. This enhances the chances of conversion and persuades the customer towards buying. Tracking the specific in-store location of the customer and sending notifications accordingly is convenient and beneficial for both the customers and the retailers.

2. Helps customers to find their favorite section in the store

Customers often feel difficult finding their way to their favorite product in a large store. Using this innovative technology, retailers can create a GPS for their online shopping cart. Customers are now no more troubled while taking rounds to look for products anymore, beacon technology leads you to the exact location of your desired products.

3. Discounts for your Sports fans

There is nothing better than enjoying watching your favorite team play in a stadium with a snack in hand, that too at a discounted price. With beacons, it is possible now. Many businesses are using this technology at various stadiums to send notifications to sports fans about stadium food discounts and beneficial merchandise offers. This persuades customers to visit stores and purchase products that they would not do otherwise.

4. Higher Conversion Rate

It is a well-known fact that offers and discounts persuade customers to buy products. Many retailers these days are opting for beacon app development as it leads to a higher conversion rate. Beacon technology notifies customers about the discounts and sends store coupons to attract them. It not only sends alerts to in-store customers but also notifies a passer-by about discounts to lead him/her inside the store and eventually increasing the chances for purchase.

5. Persuades customers to attend in-store events

There is a huge competition in the market, which lets the retailers work harder. Nowadays, it is a new marketing policy to provide demo tutorials or gift wrapping. The Beacon technology is designed to inform shoppers about these attractive offers and in-shop tutorials by the retailers. Customers, these days, are more likely to attend in-shop events to earn rewards and discounts. It attracts customers and helps increase sales automatically. So implementing the Beacon technology in your business will help you to increase sales and gain new customers in this huge competition.

Final Words

Beacons technology is nothing new but still not that popular. Though retailers are trying everything to survive this cutthroat competition, and are moving towards using smart and innovative retail and ecommerce solutions, which can not only help them bring customers to the store, but also, increases the conversion rate. Implementing Beacon in your business not only helps your retailing growth but also offers a bunch of benefits to the customers. This technology is the key to the success of future marketing strategies. So, if you are willing to bring a change and transform your traditional retail business, Beacons are a great option.




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