5 Trends That Will Redefine the Tech WorldPost COVID-19

4 min readAug 26, 2020


A lot has been said about the disruption caused in our personal and professional lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need not mention again how it has changed our lifestyle, from setting remote working as a new normal to making us realize the importance of technology, we witnessed it all. Amidst all the chaos when the world was adapting to the change, technology played a crucial role in keeping the society functional. Students were able to attend their lectures, employees could deliver their tasks efficiently, businesses were offering their services smoothly, and whatnot, all because of technological advancements. Thanks to digital readiness that businesses and people were able to lead a hassle-free life in various aspects. No wonder that the pandemic accelerated the growth of several emerging technologies and tools and we can expect them to be a new trend post-COVID-10 world.

So, today we are going to talk about such 5 tech trends that will have a long-lasting impact on the IT sector. Have a look:


No doubt that online shopping was already on its peak but the current pandemic made it a must-have around the world. Users realized the importance of online ordering during the lockdown period when shops were closed and online stores were their last resort. In fact, some e-commerce companies announced happy hours to attract more customers and offered contactless delivery with the help of a robot. Of course, you cannot trust an in-person delivery to be virus-proof but this new technology assured more security and safety. Realizing that people are more inclined toward online shopping, many businesses have already made their initial moves toward launching their online stores and are seeking e-commerce development solution for good. However, companies need to establish some clear grounds to follow safety rules and safeguard clients and the delivery process.

Online Learning

As the lockdown was announced, students struggled with their courses and education. They couldn’t compromise on their studies and going to institutes was not possible. Hence, colleges and schools came up with an online education system where classes were conducted via video conferencing. They continued the courses without any disruptions while practicing social distancing. E-learning mobile application development saw a huge rise and dedicated educational portals were introduced in these past few months. Virtual and augmented reality is a key part of online learning with robot teachers available to help students 24*7. Seeing the success and effectiveness of this trend, many institutes have decided to continue with it even after the pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence

As we mentioned earlier, consumers may not go back to pre-pandemic norms in the future and may accept the new lifestyle forever where they shop online and prefer remote working. Considering the situation, companies have planned to navigate accordingly and Artificial Intelligence will be a valuable tool to adapt to the changes. Business dealing in retail and supply chain will use AU, machine learning, and data analytics to detect purchasing patterns and ensure a customized experience to buyers. Organizations are looking forward to artificial intelligence development to incorporate AI tools in their system for informed decision making. With large amounts of data to get insight into consumers, companies can recognize patterns, predict consumer behavior, recognize humans, and more.


These past months have made us value our physical and mental health more than ever. Right? We are taking care of our eating habits, well-being, and overall fitness. However, we also realized that hospital visits for every little issue are not necessary when we can have health experts on our smartphones. Especially in countries where medical insurance costs are higher, telehealth will be a major revolution in the coming years. With the right healthcare application on your phone and smooth internet connection, you can connect with doctors anytime, discuss your problems, and seek appropriate advice. Moreover, wearable IoT devices are also proving to be effective to keep track of health and fitness.

Cloud Computing

The pandemic brought a spike in workload for cloud computing companies as they saw a great rise in the demand. If reports are to be believed, Microsoft witnessed a 775% increase in cloud services. Be it any kind of mobile app, they are implementing cloud technology. With more people working from home, students making a shift toward online learning, rise in video conferencing, and whatnot, cloud computing services have redefined the tech world. Now, cloud service providers are upgraded their activities and functions to meet the expectations and deliver the required resources. As users are more inclined toward mobile apps, cloud technology is the new trend for easier access.


The list is not over, there are numerous other tech trends that we will see in the coming years and they will redefine the way we conduct business. Companies need to start preparing themselves to keep pace with the change if they wish to remain competitive in a past-COVID world. We hope that this list will help you with the transition and show you the right way to stay ahead. Yes, the pandemic has affected businesses around the world but with the right opportunity and growth, you can turn the situation around.




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