5 Smart Features That Every Healthcare App Must Have

6 min readMay 13, 2020

The number of mobile healthcare apps has skyrocketed in recent years and the numbers are expected to soar high in the future as well. The pace at which the industry has taken off surely indicates the scope and profit it offers to startups. Why shouldn’t that be? After all, these apps are adding value to our lives and making health care convenient for us. Yes, all the available applications are different in one way or another, the final goal is the same making life easier for patients and doctors while keeping their bills in check.

However, when it comes to health and fitness, there are a few things that can never be avoided, such as data security, transparency, etc. So, if you are planning, healthcare software development soon, then there some features that can ensure the best user experience and mark a significant place for you. Here are 5 features that will assure you of success:

  1. Patient, Doctor and Admin Panel

The Admin panel is the backend that manages all the departments and functioning of the app while ensuring that every task is accomplished successfully.

The doctor panel is for the health experts who recommend the right solutions to users, provide medical assistants, information, prescription based on the patient’s symptoms, and health issues.

The patient panel is from where users log in, connect with the doctors, mention their requirements, and give feedback.

Both doctors and patients can manage their profiles. However, doctors’ profiles can also depend on the reviews and feedback from patients.

In every application, be it of any business, the admin panel is necessary to scrutinize user behavior and its actions within the application which could affect the overall business. As far as healthcare application is concerned, it includes money transactions which are quite susceptible for data being stolen and personal information manipulation.

EDI managed services are then involved with the healthcare businesses to keep things safer and track different forms of transactions separately.

EDI outsourcing is beneficial for healthcare businesses, especially for those who do not wish or afford to deploy in-house EDI services. Facts apart, EDI intervention is really important and is a new normal today, especially in the healthcare business solutions.

2. Telemedicine Services

The primary motive of healthcare mobile app is to help people avoid long queues and hours of wait before getting an appointment with their doctors. Moreover, there are times when patients can’t even visit hospitals and need healthcare at home. This is where the feature like telemedicine can come in handy.

A healthcare and telemedicine application are the platforms where doctors and patients can connect easily within a few minutes and the latter can seek the solutions to their problems instantly. Thanks to evolving technology, doctors can now investigate the problem through video calls and diagnose the patients via the same.

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Especially in pandemic sort of situations, things like telemedicine works as a savior to those who need solutions from a specific distance. It allows access to specialists and offers fewer chances to catch a new but contagious illness.

Neither one have to wait in the waiting rooms for long hours, nor one now needs to take off from his/her work for a simple short consultation with the doctor.

3. Searching and Consulting Doctors

The healthcare applications come under on demand mobile application development where users can get the medical assistance they need through their phones. Of course, doctors wouldn’t visit their homes, but will be available for help on the app.

But the question is, how would users know which doctor is right for him/her?

Hence, filtered search options where they can mention all their requirements, such as health issues, condition, expertise, and location if needed should be there in the application.

The smart filters will give them the results based on doctors’ experience, consulting fee, specialization, location, reviews, etc. This will add convenience for both the parties involved to get the relevant results.

In addition, as technology is advancing parallelly with time, things need to get advanced omni dimensionally. Thus, if a patient gets the consultation done from one doctor, the user panel should have a feature to fetch the reviews for the doctor and should showcase in the profile of the user.

If a healthcare app would also have a feature to add colleagues, friends, family members like social media, finding a doctor would become easier as every connection would have his/her doctor’s review visible in the profile of near ones.

4. Healthcare Data Security

A person’s medical history is quite critical information and needs the utmost privacy. Hence, mobile app developers take care of data security while building an app to ascertain that the portal is free from any cyber theft and security infringement.

The app should protect users’ login credentials, financial details, medical conditions, and more. There are specific rules and guidelines that developers and app wonders have to abide by while creating a mobile app.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the involvement of EDI technology in the healthcare business is vital, especially in the form of different standards and formats like EDI 834, EDI 820, etc., which are typically known for rendering data security to healthcare businesses.

A business, if, involves the public within the premises, be it digital or physical, should protect the personal identity at any cost. Personal identity in the digital form typically includes users’ login credentials, financial details, medical conditions, and more.

Compliance in healthcare in most of the countries is quite strict because of some reasons, especially in the USA, where specific rules and guidelines are set already for the healthcare business owners. Get to know the important factors about healthcare EDI.

The dedicated developers and enterprise software development companies have to abide by them while creating a mobile app.

Those guidelines and certifications are defined by organizations, such as HCCA (Health Care Compliance Association), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) where they have stated the way to design and deliver the app.

5. Wearable Devices

The past few years have given us some amazing technological revolutions and the Internet of Things is certainly one of the top ones.

Wearable app development with the internet to attain your goals. The latest concert that this technology has introduced is ‘wearable device.’ As the name suggests, it is a device that users can wear like a band. You must be familiar with fitness bands that are doing rounds worldwide that people wear to keep track of their health and well-being. So, add this feature in your app as well and you are good to go.

Features like oxygen saturation and pulse rate notifier are a new normal today post-pandemic. However, the fact according to the WHO itself is, humans should not bother about oxygen saturation the whole day as it would lead to an unnecessary mental burden for themselves.

As far as healthcare application is concerned, embedding as many health-based features as possible is desirable. The embeddable health-based features and functions include-

  • Position control manager (especially helpful while laying in the bed)
  • Body Temperature tracker (useful for all-day)
  • Everyday health and lifestyle patterns
  • Adding chronic conditions, etc.

Above the Line Suggestion

There is a reason why this is termed as ‘above the line’ because merely a few only, would have the courage to not prioritize the business, to not care for the revenue figures, and to care about the intellectual facts and things that could really turn things upside down.

The suggestion simply says that such intense involvements of wearables, position monitoring functionalities, and pulse meters actually refrain people from keeping a natural care of themselves.

As is it apparent to us, technology is day-by-day dominating natural life, and this fact is not just to be concerned by the World health organization or the franchise like Doctors without borders. In fact, it is a fundamental duty for each of us to not develop something typically technology dominant that would drag people away from the natural way of life.

Yes, this could be channelized politically by attaching a disclaimer along with the use of wearables, that the device is suggested to not to be used without requirement.

Businesses with bigger morals and ideas never miss out on global and humanly recognition. Can’t say about the revenue achievements.


The healthcare app development industry is growing rapidly and we can already see a plethora of options available on the app store. Despite such a fierce competition, you can mark your place by introducing something that can make a difference and stand out. Take help from a reliable app development company that can guide in the right direction. Remember to keep your app straightforward that is easy to navigate for both doctors and patients.




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