5 Myths About Mobile Learning Needs To Be Busted Out

3 min readJul 19, 2021

Mobile learning is basically a form of e-learning in which the knowledge seeker prioritizes his/her mobility more than just anything else. Yes, knowledge gathering secures a separate corner for itself but mobility has an explicitly reserved corner for itself.

Web-based learning is basically objected to reduce the dependency over the learning space and to mitigate the requirement of moving one place to another for knowledge sharing and learning, by allowing everyone an in-house classroom experience with just a few clicks only.

There are a few myths that are quite in-circulation about elearning software solutions and especially about Mobile learning across the world that we would like to vanish through this tiny article. Let us get onto them one by one without delaying anymore-

1. Mobile learning is viable through mobile phones only

Mobile learning is literally not meant for mobile phones, but it has a different meaning for its term ‘mobile’ which refers to the mobility it is objected to provide to the learner.

Mobile learning is basically viable through any electronic device with a capable UI and displaying ability. It can be a tablet, a laptop, or even a personal computer, depending upon the user only.

Its objective is to free the knowledge seeker to depend on the place where the knowledge would be shared like institutions and training centers and experience an in-house classroom environment.

2. It is not for senior officials

E-learning is not just confined to students or kids but it is equally beneficial for business employees as well as senior officials.

Corporate businesses are taking the help of LMS solutions and trends as they allow the employees to not just easily share knowledge with each other from their place but render them an ability to respond and feedback within a moment as well.

3. It is accessible only with better internet connectivity

However, it is a half myth but this should be clarified for the longevity of e-learning solutions. Mobile learning is nothing but a form of online learning which needs internet connectivity for sure but it is not a truth that it would not work without the internet.

Yes, the live sessions would definitely require a robust internet connection. However, it would save the session and allows the user to access it later.

In addition, one can even not attend the live session but record and save it to watch in offline mode later.

4. It is incomprehensive and not user-friendly

The comprehension and user-friendliness of the application depend upon the developers, which requires experience and skills to develop easy-to-use m-learning applications.

It is necessary to hire a better enterprise software development company that could understand the meaning of reducing workplace dependency and enhancing the in-house classroom experience.

5. Web-based applications OR M-learning solution

Web-based applications are those applications that are internet-based and run using a web browser that can be accessed on any multimedia device.

However, mlearning solutions are not confined to web browsers but they are not also completely mobile-friendly only.

Both of them are elearning software solutions and differ only with the tools they require to utilize. However, for 24*7 easy use, one should get an all-in-one e-learning solution developed from an experienced IT company that can embed AI-based elearning features along with gamified experience so that the application could be as interactive as it is purposeful only.




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