5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your E-Learning Mobile App

4 min readJun 2, 2020

Online learning is a rising trend worldwide and is expected to become a $300 billion industry by 2025. Startups and entrepreneurs are stepping into the online education sector, introducing innovative apps and unique ideas. No wonder it is taking the business by storm, but it comes with its set of challenges as well. A small design or development mistake in your e-learning app and you can fall flat.

We have listed 5 mistakes that app developers and owners tend to make. Have a look at these points and steer clear of them:

Unresponsive App Design

Users opt for online learning because it is easier and more convenient for them. They can get personal attention and learn at their pace. Mobile apps allow them to garner knowledge and understand complicated concepts in the easiest way possible. If you make learning apps complicated and unresponsive, then there is no use for that platform. Therefore, the first rule should be to offer a simple and responsive application that provides learners with a smooth and consistent learning experience. It should be able to perform all the tasks without any error, glitch or breaks down, available for the help 24*7 with all the information just a few clicks away. Make sure that students make the most out of the time they invest in your app and it should be compatible with all the devices, iOS, Android, laptop, mobile, and tab.

No Offline Learning Experience

Learning is a continuous process and can be done anytime, anywhere. Making the internet connection an essential aspect will only hamper this process and also the popularity of your app. This is the common mistake that is witnessed often in e-learning mobile app development. Many students may not have access to the internet 24*7 and your app should have a provision for offline learning. Make ongoing training sessions smooth by providing an option for offline access to the content where users can download the chapters or topics and read them later. Rest assured that this feature will build a base for loyal audience as you will contribute to their convenience.

Cluttered Text and Content

As tempting as it seems to include too much information on your app, refrain yourself from committing this mistake. Yes, you want to make sure that your app covers all the important topics and concepts but there is a right way to do it. Also, mobile app developers often create apps with cluttered pages, consisting of too many images and icons. So, be careful while designing the app and make it simple, clean, and understandable. A human brain should be able to comprehend all the content provided on your online learning application. Break lengthy topics into small units and summarize them into bullets, using images and videos wherever necessary. You can also add a “more info” button that leads users to the page with a complete explanation of the chapter. Moreover, assume that not all the visitors will be tech-savvy, so the app should be easy to understand with a proper navigation system and interface. Make it smooth, fresh, with concise information and self-explanatory icons.

Lack of Images and Graphics

We all know that images and graphics are easier to recognize and remember than lengthy texts. However, most app providers ignore the importance of pictures and stick to texts. If you want to enhance mobile learning experience of your users, use images, videos, graphics, tables effectively. This will engage them for long and help them understand the topic better. However, do not include images that are not connected to the topic as it will only create confusion. Be relevant and precise to avoid any distractions.

Lack of Evaluation Tools

Learning is not only about mugging up all the topics and learning concepts without any evaluation. It is an interactive process that also requires regular assessment and feedback. Hence, your app should have a well-designed evaluation system that conducts tests to prepare progress reports of the learners. It can be done at the end of every chapter, unit, or topic as the user prefers. Make sure that there is a flexible module for these tests that selects random questions from the system and combines them together to create a final exam paper. It can have a time limit if users want but the grading system should be automatic. Once the user attempts all the questions and submits the paper, his/her grades should be determined within a few minutes.


Now that you are aware of the common mistakes in online learning apps, we are sure you will keep them at bay. Keep these mistakes in mind and avoid committing them throughout the mobile app development process. Spare no effort to create a platform that adds value to your learners and engage them for long.




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