5 Advantages of Intelligent HCM Solutions to Enroll in an Enterprise Business

3 min readFeb 4, 2021

HCM or human capital management solutions are the backbones of any successful enterprise business. Once an organization is so big that it possess human resources as a sole department itself, then it may deploy an intelligent solution for the same purposes as well.

Human resource department that traditionally manage the manpower function within the organization successfully is now can be done with the help of intelligent solutions like HRIS or hcm solutions.

HCM or HRIS both are sort of similar entities but to know specifically about them, we have figured out the differences between HRMS, HRIS, and HCM solution. The latter stands for ‘Human resource integrated system’ which tells us that a solution for HR is integrated with the dedicated software to the business itself.

What does it mean by ‘intelligent’ here?

Intelligence is applied even by a person when he or she wants to visualize or make an assumption regarding something. That too with all the efforts to reach near to the accuracy.

Here, intelligence is used for ‘Artificial Intelligence’, which is one of the latest in-demand technologies and is been used into multiple sectors including finance, administration, human resources, gaming, demography, etc.

Games are one of the most in-common applications around us to see what artificial intelligence could and could not do. And if met with in conjunction of augmented reality and machine learning, its wide range of applications couldn’t just match any range of possibilities.

Human Capital Management and Artificial Intelligence

A human capital management solution is designed or developed to manage almost everything that an HR personnel does manually. Those manual tasks involve salary and payroll, compliances, recruitment, training & placement conduction, etc.

From enrolling a new employee to the company to introducing the one with the in-house CRM or office management tool is all what an HR is required to do manually or traditionally.

Now when this Artificial intelligence is involved with the HR solutions, all those things are supposedly managed in an automated manner and should not require any manual intervention for all the above activities.

This is exactly why, AI has been introduced with HR and is termed as HCM solutions which are intelligent in such a way that it manages all the recruitment process by handling employee acquisition and other tasks too.

Employee acquisition is one of the five main tasks in which artificial intelligence is used to assume and analyse the new employee about its future overview, if enrolled with the company by scrutinizing its history and previous work background.

In total, there are 5 main tasks in which we will get advantage by enrolling an intelligent HCM solution, and they are-

  1. Smarter Employee Acquisition
  2. Automated Payrolls management
  3. Quick Compliance management
  4. Online Recruitment and selection management
  5. System-generated Training & Placement conduction

The other factors that help an HCM solution in analyzing the employee are its reason behind leaving the previous company mentioned in his/her resume available or applied online. It informs the potential candidate about the timing for the interview and screening process. Also, it helps in familiarizing the CRM or an office management tool to an employee such that an individual HR personnel does not require to be engaged with the one for an entire period of time.

Usually, the software testing companies or any larger-scale IT consulting firm or some of those with the product engineering services are the most ones that have adopted intelligent or online HCM solutions in and for their enterprise businesses.

What is necessary is at the end, to have an agile HCM solutions providing company which could meet all your demands that you require in your specific HCM tool to leverage the performance as well as the speed of the company’s functioning and revenue generation process.




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