4 Business Types That are Most Benefited from EDI Outsourcing

3 min readAug 13, 2021

EDI is not just a technology that is trending or getting prevalent nowadays a bit more than that. Actually, it has become a secure way and needs for some businesses including healthcare at the first and then the transportation at the second and so on.

In this quick article, we will make it short and simple for those businesses which got benefited from outsourcing the EDI managed services rather than keeping it internally managed.

By specifically pointing out the type of businesses, it will be more understandable that why EDI is better as outsourced for them and how they are getting benefited from it-


Large-scale businesses need 24*7 agility over almost all operations. They are equally a subject of risk of documentation loss if they are bigger with the revenue generation.

The larger the business, the larger the documentation volume would be. Therefore, companies do require EDI services to exchange data with their cross-border partners and clients.

Keeping an in-house EDI service would require full-time vigilance and control due to different time zones along with its resolving ability which requires enough expertise.

EDI outsourcing becomes a headache-replacing way to exchange essential information across the globe if kept within the preset HIPAA’s standard circumference. Hopefully, it does not require an explanation of why it is important to be compliant with HIPAA.


Transportation isn’t the first needy of EDI but it requires the same due to frequent changes in the information between two recipients who are located in different geographical locations.

Transportation runs on a supply chain basis usually, which requires the regular update on information and only EDI is the best way to facilitate this need.

Through EDI, you can keep track of your product and the entire supply chain 24*7. However, typically there were explicit frauds more than the revenue to be generated within the transportation industry before EDI.

3. B2B

Businesses once reaching a certain level of success do not rely on or look after the revenue figures as the first priority. In fact, they look for quality and those resources that could build long-term and reliable relationships.

EDI is a resource that builds reliable relationships due to safe and secure transactions and the exchange of confidential information.

EDI service providers like A3logics are quite proficient in serving large-scale enterprises as well as B2B vendors. And is capable enough to outsource any type of EDI services be it Mobile-EDI, Web EDI, EDI-VAN, or EDI outsourcing.

4. TPL: Third-Party Logistics

Assuming a large-scale production of a product named ‘A’ which is processed from the raw stage to the final product stage at an industrial space. Now, a business is all about procuring raw materials, production using machines and tools and manpower, manufacturing it into a product, and packaging as well so that it could be delivered to the customer.

Third-party logistics or 3PLs come into the role after that because a business has to divert its focus and deploy enormous amounts of resources to manage to deliver the product from the production house to the customer’s house.

Therefore, 3PLs take over this responsibility and frees the business from this headache by keeping the information well-updated using EDI outsourcing services.

Similarly, there are retail brands also that are equally getting benefitted from EDI outsourcing because it reduces the time to process orders and optimize inventory replenishment.

Its a bit personal concern too whether to get it done internally or outsource because those with already deployed EDI arrangements could probably choose in between any of the two options available. However, it is advisable to know the difference between direct and indirect EDI and EDI outsourcing. Conclusively, the one without in-house EDI management has no other but outsourcing as an efficient option.




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