3 Common Software Testing Myths Debunked

3 min readApr 15, 2020


Myth is commonly defined as a false or unproven idea that people have about anything to avoid a complicated truth. No industry or business is free from these misconceptions and unfortunately, the quality testing process is a victim of it as well. Testing is undeniably the most significant step in a software development cycle. However, most of the times, it is overlooked by businesses due to false beliefs and myths.

In this article, we are going to talk about 3 such quality testing myths that are necessary to be busted to eliminate less productive and insecure software applications. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started:

Myth 1: It is the last step in software development.

Fact: One of the biggest myths about software testing is that it is done once the software development stage is over. The developers then pass the product to the testers who review the web or app or find any bug, remove if any and then dispatch it to the clients.

However, this is not the scenario at all. Of course, testing is based on codes but analyzing them at the last stage is a big risk and most software development companies avoid doing it. Testing or reviewing is an independent step that starts right from the beginning of development and continues until the product is ready to be delivered. With an incremental and iterative approach, the dependency of testing can be reduced.

The testing team invests an equal amount of time in the procedure and get familiar with the requirements of the project, fill the gaps, prepare deliverables and then plan and execute the final testing. If this system is not followed, then testers have to rely on the information provided by the developers and there is hardly they can do to enhance the quality of the website or application. Testing from the initial stage assures higher quality and happy clients.

Myth 2: It is a time and money consuming process.

Fact: The time involved in software testing is always a topic of debate. Many businesses think that it will only delay their software or app launch and there is hardly any need to invest their time in this step. However, the truth is completely different from what is commonly believed. As mentioned earlier, testing runs parallel to the development process and is conducted at every stage, hence, it doesn’t require any additional time. Similarly, when you say that money spent on quality assurance is simply waste, you are actually moving toward the bigger expense. Yes, according to the famous saying, pay less for testing during application development or pay more for correction or maintenance later. The choice is yours. If you ensure proper testing and reviewing of your web or app, then you can save a lot of money and time on repair and maintenance.

Myth 3: Testing is all about finding bugs.

Fact: Whether someone wants to start a career as a software tester or is planning to seek development service, they have a notion that testing is primarily focused on finding bugs and eliminating them. Yes, we are not denying that making web or app bug-free is the main objective of quality assurance but there is much more to it. Apart from testing the platform for any bugs, testers also check it for various other aspects and see if it fulfils functional and non-functional requirements of clients. The team is also responsible for if the software meets the expectations of the customer, reviews the product architecture, give its opinion to make it more user-friendly and powerful and more.

Furthermore, developers mainly take care of one component or area that is assigned to them but testers are the ones who keep an eye on the overall working on the product and the impact of one module on another.


We hope that this article helped you get a better understanding of quality testing and debunked all the myths have you had about it. Well, we certainly cannot avoid the quality assurance process and also cannot deny its importance in the process of launching an effective software. Many people might view it as an unnecessary expense and an added burden but soon we will witness opinions changing. Considering that users only pay attention to the quality of any web or app, the testing process is surely the most valuable service a company can offer.




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