10 Best New Features of Android 11 You Must Know

6 min readSep 22, 2020

The 2020 iteration of the Android speculation is in the market amid various rumors and unprecedented situations, yes Android 11 is out now! Google has been quite persistent with its timeline of releasing the new versions of Android. When talking about the previous Android 9 and Android 10, their developer preview was introduced in March with subsequent updates following the final release in August or September. The same story goes for the new Android 11. The android app development firms can’t contain their excitement about adopting the version of the operating system and are all ears to know about Google’s latest introduction in the market.

This version is a subtle update of its previous version and has in store some real fun stuff for the users. Android 11 is bound to change and be tweaked a lot over the coming months, but for starters here are the 10 things that enterprise mobility service providers would surely love about this version.

  • Chat Bubbles for Important Conversions
  • Categorize Your Notifications
  • Save Your Notifications of the Day
  • Record Your Phone’s Screen
  • Control the Media Functioning
  • Manage Various Devices Easily
  • Grant Permission Per Session
  • Drive with Android Auto
  • Context-Aware Voice Access
  • Share Information Over Various Platforms Easily

Looks like Google has not left any technology unturned to bring Android users the best mobile experience of their lifetime. Let’s see in detail these features and see why missing on Android 11 may affect your business’s popularity.

These features are designed for the greater human experience that would make things easier for the users and developers and for business owners who run their apps with the support of Android operating systems.

1. Chat Bubbles for Important Conversions

This is not something specific to Android version 11 itself. Chat bubbles were first introduced in Android version 10 but could not get into the limelight due to some issues with the functioning.

Google has brought a loved feature back in the picture with an interesting update. Remember how you could get chat heads for a Facebook chat and a simple click would lead you to the conversation? Well, in Android 11 it is not just for Facebook messenger but all the chat apps that you use.

Already feeling this is better? Not till you see more.

2. Categorize Your Notifications

You surely have noticed how in previous Android versions the notification bar shows notifications in a haphazard manner, without any priority to any app in particular due to which sometimes you would have missed some of your important notifications.

Well, with Android 11 the story is a little different. Here are three notification categories to choose from.

  • Conversations
  • Alerting
  • Silent

The conversation section enlists all your conversations from various apps including the texts. This upgrade would apply to direct messaging apps too. Not just you can have the heads, but you get a choice to prioritize your conversations too. Sounds like something you always wanted to do.

Alerting and silent apps work in the same manner as in Android version 10. You can silent the notifications from certain apps.

Looks like Android 11 is making it easier for you to manage notifications and never miss any notifications.

3. Save Your Notifications of the Day

Instinctively swipe the notifications away and later regret. Been there done that. All of us do it often. We swipe away the notification bar and later ponder what if it was important. It’s time to shake off this stress now. The notification game has come to an end now.

With Android 11, you can save all your notifications for the past 24 hours. You would have to turn on the notification for the same. Isn’t this cool? Just a little problem here. It won’t save the notifications till you don’t switch on the notifications. And second, it would also display the notifications from the apps that have been muted. So a little work is required here, but it’s good!

4. Record Your Phone’s Screen

Maybe this is not something new and Google is a bit late here. But it is better to be late than never. You won’t need an app to record your screen anymore. It is an inbuilt feature now. The screen recording feature gives you a few alternatives. You can choose to record taps, audio, and other features too.

Thus, things become simpler and easier for users than downloading an app for themselves.

5. Control the Media Functioning

For Android 10, your music player gets a place at the top of your notification drawer. As discussed above, that drawer in Android 11 is reserved for conversation notification, so the media finds a new place. Google moved this one rung up, making it easier to control media functioning. Pulling down the notification drawer would only show you a mini-version of the media apps. Pulling it down again would expand the apps functioning and let you control it the way you want.

6. Manage Various Devices Easily

You can now control various devices, without opening any app. Your power button would let you launch a new tool. Google pay shortcut would let you choose various payment options for contactless payment. Here you would also find many buttons that would help you connect with other smart devices in your home.

7. Grant Permission Per Session

Google has been accused of neglecting user privacy infringement and lately, the cases of infringement have seen a sudden rise. Keeping that at bay, Android 11 lets users allow a particular app to access user data only for a specified session. In all the previous versions, the apps would take access to permission once and it would be designated for the lifetime.

Now, you can specify the session and ensure your data is safe and in no case can be accessed if you don’t want it to be.

8. Drive with Android Auto

Android Auto has time and again proved its worth in the world of mobile app development. Some smartphones like Google Pixel can communicate with Android Auto without being plugged in but not all can use such phones. With Android 11 in your smartphone no matter what model it is you can explore the advantages of Android Auto. Mobile app development solutions are going to great heights with time. Sounds like great fun!

9. Context-Aware Voice Access

With Google Assistant you can instruct your smartphone what to do. While with Android 10 there were some issues in voice assistance, Android 11 has taken care of this too. The complicated voice assistance has transformed to something interesting and more engaging.

10. Share Information Over Various Platforms Easily

Sharing anything using the Android platform is always a mess. Not any more. The new version helps you create a list of apps where you want to share a piece of particular information. As per your convenience move forward with the ones that are easier to work on and take forward. Thus, sharing over various social media platforms becomes hassle-free and easy.

Wrapping This Up

These are some of the major advancements that are to hit the market with Android 11 gaining popularity. There would be some modification, some reviews, and some changes that may sound incredibly cliche with the thought they already existed. Well, that’s not true. The resources were always visible, but the functioning has transformed. From its type to the final results a lot of things have been changed and articulated to make it comprehensive.




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